11-18 March 2021

Smart Content for Savvy Young Audiences

M:brane Forum

Business for arts sake

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► What is M:brane?


M:brane is a unique meeting place with focus solely on projects aimed at a young audience, age 3-18 years. Cinema, tv, documentaries, interactive, VR, immersive storytelling.
M:brane is a strictly B2B platform for producers with high visions, financiers, buyers, distributors and sales agents plus a number of professional observers, where they get an exclusive introduction to creative and highly innovative projects at an early stage.
Around 220 professionals from over 20 countries meets during three intensive days in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Malmö.




Winner of the M:brane Best Pitch Award 2021

Congratulations to LITTLE BIG STORY, France for outstanding presentation of 

Warm welcome to the 15th consecutive M:brane – An Inclusive Virtual Experience from March 16 through to March 18 2021!

We promised last year that we would be back 2021 and here we are in a virtual version. We miss you all of course, old and new friends

REALYOUNG 2021, March 15

Welcome to the 7th edition of the M:brane initiative RealYoung, the unique meeting point for makers of real-life stories for young audiences. Here we help creators enhance their ideas and so they can cross borders to an international audience.

Opening Keynote

We are very excited and proud to be able to welcome Donata von Perfall as the Opening Keynote Speaker 2021of M:brane’s latest venture, the Science & Natural History Track.


Take a look at our rich program of conference activities, case-studies, keynote, seminar, presentations & panel + one special jewel in our crown

KIDS Regio panel - "One Film can't have it all!" - Innovative Approaches in the Exhibition Landscape

KIDS Regio is thrilled to co-host this panel during The Opening Industry Day, the Opening Industry Hub of the M:brane Forum.

All speakers in Focus on Canada revealed!

For the 4th time we put the spotlight towards a specific country. This time it will be Canada - the first country outside Europe to become M:brane Country of Focus.

Why is it important to know, who will attend the 15th edition of M:brane?

All of these Organizations and their representatives, have the power, knowhow or network to bring your project further, one way or another.

New Dynamic Alliance!

Silbersalz Science & Media Festival/Germany for public and media engagement with science and the co-production platform focusing on unique media content for Savvy Young Audiences, M:brane/Sweden to join forces. March 16th-18th 2021 online.

► Breaking our own record: Around 60 Decision Makers and Experts from 31 countries to attend the 15th edition of M:brane

- and counting! So sooner than better, make sure to register to be able to participate!

Official Selection 2021

We are thrilled to invite you to take part in the list of the 26 selected pitch projects, which will pitch live during M:brane 2021 – An Inclusive Virtual Experience.


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