10-12 March 2020

Smart Content for Savvy Young Audiences

M:brane Forum

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► UPDATE M:brane 2020 will be cancelled

Friday March 6 we toook  the difficult decision to cancel the 14th M:brane -the Forum in Malmö, March 10-12.

We need to protect the health of our guests, the professionals. This given the rapidly evolving situation of Covid-19, which just the last few days has increased substantially.

With M:brane we have created an intimate platform, that we know works very well and an event like ours relies on face-to-face networking, those meetings that are one of our core-strengths.

However this is a very hard time and the risk lies not only at the venue of the Forum gathering professionals from 25 countries, it is also the travelling to and from Malmö on planes and trains that can be a carrier of the Covid-19.

Further for guests arriving in Malmö, the journey back can become cancelled, postponed or delayed. We don't know how the situation is next week, everything points that it will be evolving further very fast.

On behalf of the M:brane Team

Lennart Ström

Managing Director

► What is M:brane?


M:brane is a unique meeting place with focus solely on projects aimed at a young audience, age 3-18 years. Cinema, tv, documentaries, interactive, VR, immersive storytelling.
M:brane is a strictly B2B platform for producers with high visions, financiers, buyers, distributors and sales agents plus a number of professional observers, where they get an exclusive introduction to creative and highly innovative projects at an early stage.
Around 220 professionals from over 20 countries meets during three intensive days in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Malmö.



► Announcing the winner of M:brane Pitch Award!

For the first time, we are very happy to be able to Award a Pitching Team for Best Pitch in collaboration with Creative Europe.

► Official selection for M:brane 2020

Our Selection Committees have amused themselves, digging through the big pile of eligible submitted projects and it is with immense pleasure, we announce this years Selection. 

► Country in Focus 2020: CANADA

To raise further awareness of the opportunities of co-producing and knowledge share in different countries and regions, we for the 3rd time direct the spotlight towards a specific country. This time it will be Canada - the first country outside Europe to become M:brane Country of Focus.


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