10-12 March 2020

Smart Content for Savvy Young Audiences

M:brane Forum

Business for arts sake

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► What is M:brane?


M:brane is a unique meeting place with focus solely on projects aimed at a young audience, age 3-18 years. Cinema, tv, documentaries, interactive, VR, immersive storytelling.
M:brane is a strictly B2B platform for producers with high visions, financiers, buyers, distributors and sales agents plus a number of professional observers, where they get an exclusive introduction to creative and highly innovative projects at an early stage.
Around 220 professionals from over 20 countries meets during three intensive days in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Malmö.

► How to make history programs for a young audience?

M:brane is proud co-producer of the slot, sponsored by Toute L’Histoire, during upcoming Sunny Side of the Doc – The Connected edition

► Jury work SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards

Senior Creative Advisor, Annette Brejner is looking forward to serve in Judging Jury for SILBERSALZ Science & Media Awards, in association with Jackson WILD™ 

► Announcing the winner of exchange slot for Kids Kino Industry Forum, Warsaw!

We are very happy to congratulate the winner of the exchange slot – an invitation to pitch at Kids Kino Industry Forum, Warsaw, September 2020

► Announcing the winner of M:brane Pitch Award 2020!

For the first time, we are very happy to be able to Award a Pitching Team for Best Pitch in collaboration with Creative Europe.


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