10-12 March 2020


One to One Meetings

We have taken yet a new step, to ensure a positive outcome of all our efforts regarding M:brane 2020 for our participants:

Our matchmaker Camilla Larsson during each M:brane Forum organize 300 one-to-one meetings between selected Producers and Decision Makers.

Today Friday, March 13, all the filmed Pitches will be published on-line, via everybody's personal on-line profile. Camilla is in contact with all relevant participants and has continued setting up meetings. We have then published the personal schedules of the meetings that were supposed to take place at the venue, on everybody's personal on-line profile.

Our matchmaker has furthermore sent an e-mail for each meeting, to introduce and connect the concerned Decision Maker and pitching team, to and with each other.

We are happy to see that so many of them/you already are in contact and that the Decision Makers are eagerly waiting take part in the online-pitches. #mbrane2020 - now in Cyberspace!

One-to-One Meetings

One-to-One meetings are tailored and individually appointed by the Match Maker who helps determine, which parties are suited for each other. The participants (Decision Makers, Pitching Teams and ObserverPLUS) receive an invitation to send their meeting requests to the Match Maker and are matched accordingly.

A small number of impromptu meetings are set up after the Pitching Sessions.

Each year M:branes Match Maker set up 300 individual meetings, which can be accessed by the participants via their account in our Data System powered by FestiCine

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