10-12 March 2020



Hans Liiksaar

Apart for some years with the UN, Hans has worked as teacher and principal within the public school system in Malmö. He was also for many years engaged in the International Children and Young people's Film Festival, BUFF.

Annalena Asenov
Secretary of the board

Annalena Asenov has a solid experience as a longterm secretary in the Culture Committee of Region Skåne and for a short period in the Culture Committee of Malmö. In Region Skåne´s Office for Culture she has been a project coordinator and an administrative official for various organisations applying for cultural support and funds.

Sebastian Claesson
Jounalist and Researcher
Auto Images

Sebastian has a background in radio- and television-journalism. Currently a part of the Swedish production house Auto Images, working with everything from visual research to character research. He has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the School of Journalism at Gothenburg Universit.

Oscar Wemmert
Creative Producer
Game Flame

Oscar is a game designer and creative producer at his company GameFlame. He has created games and digital media for more than 20 years and been involved in more than 20 released games for different platforms that together sold millions of copies. Most famous are LittleBigPlanet 3 for PlayStation 4 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita.Oscar is also a recurring member of the video game expert panel at Norwegian Film Institute and Creative Europe.

Mette-Ann Schepelern
Magma film og tv

Mette-Ann has directed and produced at long line of films and in 2015 co-founded SEIN web-magazine, a digital site made for and by Youths. She has been temporary Festival Director of BUFF Filmfestival and has a master in film and a degree in leadership from Copenhagen Business Academy.

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