10-12 March 2020



Who are we?

Lennart Ström
+46 (0) 708 768 951

As Director of M:brane, Lennart is in charge of the whole event in Malmö, content wise in collaboration with Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner. He is the point-of-connection for Decision Makers and he is responsible for the contact with financiers and collaborators.

Lennart Ström has been in the film business since the mid 80’s with many different hats, Producer, Festival Director, Project Manager, member of boards of different organisations connected to the audio-visual industry. Several Awards for his work within this field.


Senior Creative Advisor
Annette Brejner
+46 (0) 733 612 619

Annette has over two decades of experience in the media industries with the specific focus on kids content development. Following the growth of both the Forum Event and the development in kids media, she now holds the position as Senior Creative Advisor, with emphasis on designing future industry activities and focusing on international partnerships. She is maintaining an ongoing dialogue with industry and national and international stakeholders, leads the development of the Forums identity-shift, and reinforces the positioning of the Financing Forum and kids independent media within the industry. She has the past 13 years become increasingly curious and deeper submerged in the question about the correlation between new technology, immersive experiences, the industry and young audiences’ innate intelligence and intellectual sophistication.

Project Manager
Maritte Sørensen
+45 317 05776

Maritte will be working as the Project Manager and will be the first point of contact for Producers, as she is responisble for organising the pitching events. She holds an MA in film and media production from the University of Lund. She has been involved in several film festivals in the south of Sweden with her home base at Lund Fantastic Film Festival, where she is the festival director. It's her fifth time working with M:brane. 

Guest and Venue Coordinator
Henriette Berntsen
+46 (0) 734 098 168

Henriette is responsible for guest relations and our 2020 venue. She started working with film production after an internship at a production company in the United Kingdom in 2010. Most of her experience is based in the location department, working with logistics and coordinating on set. She has worked on productions such as Tsunami (2020), Festen 2 (2019), The Bridge (season 3 & 4) and Faunutland and the Lost Magic (2019). Henriette has also been involved in Malmö Arab Film Festival and Lund Fantastic Film Festival, coordinating drivers and print traffic.

Match Maker
Camilla Larsson
+46 (0) 708 423 980


Camilla is responsible for all one-to-one meetings at M:brane. She is a journalist, film critic and moderator. She works, and has worked, for several different film festivals and other cultural events. Presently she is the Programme Manager of Seminars, as well as a programmer, at Göteborg Film Festival, responsable for seminars and events at Carl International Film Festival, Programme Manager at the International Comedy Film Festival and producer at Scen Österlen, a theatre company for children and teenagers. She frequently moderates seminars and talks at film festivals, cinemas and other events. Earlier in her career she directed a few short films and hade a go at different film crew positions as well as acting.

Economic Manager
Björn Ringdahl


U4 Ekonomi Malmö AB, Björn Ringdahl.

Session Coordinator
Li Vehlin
+46 70 788 25 00

Li will be our Session Coordinator for the Opening Industry Day. Responsible for coordinating all speakers during the day.
Li comes from a 15 year background as Office Manager and Coordinator of events and conferences both in Sweden and Europe for Veolia Water Technologies.
Li started working in filmproduction in 2019 and fell in love with the process and the people. Focus so far has been in the location and crafts department on set.
She has worked on productions as Don´t kill my dreams (shortfilm 2019), Festen 2 (SVT 2019), Advokaten, Season 2 (SF 2019), Jakten på en mördare (Yellow bird 2019)..

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