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We believe it’s absolutely crucial to experiment, to include the target group and focus on process in order to lift the sector of children’s content creation as a whole. That’s the larger perspective, which we are putting on top of the agenda.

Since 2015 we have worked with a number of Young Experts taking part in co-creation and co-tutoring during RealYoung, ThinkJam Lab and The Opening Industry Day.

The successful and unexpected results for the participating adult professionals has led us to conclude, that we must have a steady body of Young Experts, from which we can seek advice and feed-back. This is what we now open up to via the presentation here of our Youth Advisory Board. 

2020 will see the participation of Young Experts at both RealYoung and at the Participatory/ co-creation design workshop during the Opening Industry Day.

Welcome Young Experts into our on-line network!

Elliot, 10

I love love to play Nintendo Switch (Zelda), Minecraft, LEGO and Harry Potter for PS3. My favorite movies are Diary of a wimpy kid, the Harry Potter-movies, Airplane (1+2). I am fluent in English and can watch many different sorts of films without subtitles. I like also to play drums, guitar, ukulele and to make songs. I am also good at building IKEA furnitures and other stuff where I should read a manual. I like to make my own games in Scratch and here is my Youtube Channel. /Sweden

Len, 10

I love to watch science documentaries, and my favourite books are books were I have to find objects or solve crimes. I craft a lot in Minecraft, and together with my brother Jim I shoot movies with PvZ-Puppets. /Germany

Lova, 14

I have been dancing for many years, street, jazz and all kinds of dance. I love to listen to music and watch Youtube. Comedy and horror movies are my favorite genres. I like all kinds of games. Board games, Playstation, mobile phone games....you name it! I also love to prank my mom and my sisters! /Sweden

Jim, 13

I love to watch movies, and the ´Making of´s`, because I want to know how stuff is done (VFX). I draw a lot, especially Logos and Characters, and I´m playing ´Rocket League` on Level Legend. Together with my brother Len I shoot movies with PvZ-Puppets. /Germany

Vera, 10

I come from Denmark and go to school in Copenhagen. My favourite hobbies are to bake cakes and be creative. I like to paint and make candles. I also like to read books. My favourite genre is fantasy. I like to play board games and card games. In my spare time, I do judo, modern dance and sing in a choir. My favourite movies are the Hobbit, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. I love flowers and nature. /Denmark

Agnes, 11

I love hanging out with my friends, listening to music and to read Harry Potter. I also love going on long walks in the woods (when I'm not tired and when I'm in the mood of course) one more thing I love to do is to watch a good movie. I live in Copenhagen, I live with my mom, dad and my sister. And I have tried being expert on M:brane one time before.  /Denmark

Valter, 10

I live in Copenhagen with my sister and my parents. In my spare time, I play a lot of football and handball. I love to make my own music on the computer and I also take lessons, where I learn to play different kinds of instruments. I also play FIFA with my friends on PS4 and I love to watch videos on YouTube. / Denmark

Molly, 12

I attend a school with extra music classes. I love to sing and I also do gymnastics. I love to shoot and edit videos and have a quite popular slime Instagram account (mango.sliimezzz) and a YouTube channel (zmolly). I'm picky in my taste of movies but if it's good, I really enjoy watching films. /Sweden

David, 14

I am into games of all kinds, from board games to online and open world, but still a bad looser. At Coder Dojo I learn how to programme and have done some small projects in Python and Java Script. At YouTube I like to watch Game Theory (analysis of games). I also play football and cheer for Liverpool FC. I enjoy watching movies of all sorts – even bad films because that make them funny. /Sweden

Rosa, 10

I like to read and watch films, especially comedies and documentaries. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I play volleyball and do gymnastics and I sing in a choir and listen to a lot of music. I love to draw and make little comics. /Denmark

Sander, 10

My biggest interest is football and I practice 3 times a week. When I don't play football IRL, I play football games or watch football tricks on YouTube. I also love TV shows with music like Melodifestivalen and X-factor, and I play music with my friends after school. In the weekend I watch old films with my family, I've seen almost all the StarWars films with my dad and I really like Back to the Future. /Denmark/Sweden

Kids are much faster to adopt new communication platforms, genres, narrative styles and possibilities than the industry, and they represent of course our target group. It seems not only logic to bring in the children as sparring partners at an early stage in the creative process, more and more, we are convinced, that it will be nessecary in many ways.

Kids often express existing ideas in unexpected and new ways, and thereby bring important insight and energy to innovative concepts for kids. And since it’s often not very common for creators of content for kids to bring them in as resources early in development processes, our professional participants may be quite supprised of the feed-back they receive.

The point is to make creators not only more professional in dealing with the target group but also to become much more aware of what it actually requires, to be able to catch the attention of children and youth today. Which also underpin our outmost principle: to take children with their needs, interests, problems and ideas serious.

Since 2015 we have therefore had Young Experts to work with the professionals in different settings. Each year our initiative RealYoung welcome Young Experts at the roundtable during the work-shop. In 2016 our creative lab ThinkJam during the Opening Industry Day we over two afternoons challenged creatives of kids content from all fields/sectors to backtrack their ideas and examine the actual theme in order to make the original idea better. Within the process the workshop involved the target group itself and brought the kids in as co-creators.

2020 will see the participation of Young Experts at both RealYoung and the VR co-creation lab. during the Opening Industry Day.

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