10-12 March 2020


Opening Industry Day

In 2020 The Opening Industry Day celebrates 10 years Anniversary. M:brane invites you to participate in our Opening Industry Day on March 10th, before our two pitching days kicks off. During the first day we will have a great variety of speakers and panels, all discussing the rapidly changing market for Savvy Young Audiences.

Part I:10 years The Opening Industry Day in collaboration with KIDS Regio: Innovative Approaches in the Exhibition Landscape

For the 10th time KIDS Regio is thrilled to co-host The Opening Industry Day as the Opening Industry Hub of the M:brane Forum, which is supported by MDM and the State Chancellery of Thüringia. Inspired by the results of the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum, held June 2019 in Weimar and the ongoing public debate, the year 2020 will be devoted to the overall question of how European film can leverage new audiences.

This must of course include various innovative approaches to tackle the constant changes in the distribution ecosystem. A special focus will nevertheless lie on "Cinema as Discovery Space" as introduced at the upcoming KIDS Regio Berlinale Meeting Point.

In Malmö, March 10th the topic is amplified through five top speakers, representing different angles and approaches. To steer the discussion and keep track of all the best bets flowing through the air, we are thrilled to welcome back Paul Tyler, DK as panel moderator.

Part II: Canada in Focus

Canada in Focus:  Within the scope of VR & Dome production
In our second block, we kick of our focus on Canada with a meaty session produced for M:brane by Audrey Pacart from Montreal and in collaboration with Region Skåne. An innovative country Canada rank among the leaders of digital creation and virtual reality. Creators, government representatives, and support funds are all coming up with more and more exciting initiatives and proposals. Within the scope of VR & Dome production, we get in depth presentations of the ambitious Canadian approach and examples of successful projects and learn about its future objectives.
Canada Focus: Case study and the wonders of a collaboration treaty
In this block we will look at how we can collaborate with Canada and speakers from Danish Film Institute will talk about how the treaty between Canada and Denmark works. Also producer Trine Laier will talk about how her project Mouse & CRANE (pitched at the Forum last year) came to life with Canada as co-production Country.

Part III:Three striking Storytelling strokes in current content creation for young audiences

Our final block we will look into how to create interesting IP's for kids and whether it is possible to create documentaries for Snapchat, rounding up the whole day with a look at humour in kid's content:

  • Universes for multiple platforms and Nordic Storytelling
  • Ultra Short format: Documentary storytelling for Snapchat
  • Humour in Storytelling for Young Audiences

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