10-12 March 2020



Selected projects for M:brane 2020 


Apple Hills, Nice Ninja, DK / TV-series for 8-12 yrs (W-I-P)

ArtMinute1 – The perfect selfie, Zentropa Productions, Die Asta Experience, DK / Interactive for 8-18 yrs (W-I-P)

Avatar Days, Piranha Bar, IE / TV-series for 15-18 yrs (Main Pitch)

Big World, Rotating Planet Productions, CA / Film for 6-99 yrs (Canada Focus, Main Pitch)

Bit Buddies, movieTALE GmbH, DE / TV-series for 7-11 yrs (Main Pitch)

Galapagos X, Big Bad, CA / Multiplatform for 6-11 yrs (Canada Focus, Main Pitch)

Jump Out, Playtime Films, BE, IT / Film for 10-14 yrs (RealYoung Pitch)

MINIK & PANI – POWER OF THE POLAR BEAR, Waysidestories OU, SE / TV-series for 4-6 yrs (Indigenous Arctic North, Rookie)

La vida es un musical, GotFat Productions, SE, ES / Film for 9-18 yrs (RealYoung Pitch)

Land of Women, Felucca Films, EG / Film for 15-18 yrs (RealYoung Pitch)

LUDOLF at Anger Academy, SAGATOON as, NO / Film for 6-12 yrs (Indigenous Arctic North, Main Pitch )

My Father is a Danish Caveman, Rein Film Finnmark, NO / Film for 11-16 yrs (Indigenous Arctic North, Main Pitch)

Nearth - A New World, movieTALE GmbH, DE / TV-series for 8-12 yrs (Main Pitch)

Nutz, Recircle, HR / TV-series for 3-6 yrs (Main Pitch)

Raven Girl (Ravnepigen), Angel Films, DK / Film for 6-12 yrs (Indigenous Arctic North, Main Pitch)

Raven Girl (Ravnejenta), Filmbin AS, NO / Film for 8-12 yrs (Main Pitch )

Ready, Steary, Read!, YUZU Productions, FR / Multiplatform for 11-16 yrs (W-I-P)

SHINKU, SATTVA FILMS srl, IT / Film for 12-18 yrs (Main Pitch)

The Beanie, Senca Studio / Bela film, SI / Film for 5-9 yrs (Main Pitch)

The Legend of a Girl, CABONG STUDIOS, BR / TV-series for 9-11 yrs (Main Pitch)

The Spacehead, objectif s.r.o., SK / Film for 7-12 yrs (Main Pitch)

Three Friends, DRAMAYAPIM Film Medya, TR / Film for 9 yrs (Main Pitch)

Tiny Films about Sorrow, Tiny Film ApS, DK / TV-series for 5-9 yrs (Main Pitch)

Twice Upon a Time, To Blink Animation, RS, CA / Film for 7-10 yrs (Canada Focus, Main Pitch)

WOLF, Eyrie Entertainment GmbH, DE / Film for 6-12 yrs (Main Pitch)

RealYoung Development Projects

The Beetle Hunters, DK / TV-series for 8-35 yrs (RealYoung Development)

Grandpa has a broken eye, Trollfilm AS, NO / Film for 3-99 yrs( RealYoung Development)

Chemistry of Everyday Life, HD HOUSE, PL / Multiplatform for 13-90 yrs (RealYoung Development)

Selection Criteria:

Highest priority is given to the projects which are deemed to have:

  • Creative ideas and high artistic standards
  • Commercial potential for international distribution
  • Qualified production team
  • Strong financing potential
  • Willingness to and potential for co-production
  • The Selection Committee consist of a group of at least three established representatives of the film and media industry.
  • The Selection Committee represent at least two different European countries.

Participating producers will get an exclusive pitching meeting with our moderator and pitch expert the day before they pitch. This should give the producers the chance to go through the pitch and become even more prepared to present their project in the open arena pitch-session. If your project has been selected, go to here to register.

Price excl. 25% VAT is 2,700 SEK (around 250 €) and gives access to all three days of M:brane for up to two people including meetings with decision-makers.
For teams of 3 or more people the price is 1,000 SEK extra per person.  

This accreditation includes:  


► Exclusive consultancy pre-meeting with the Pitch Moderator and Project Manager
► Hand-on advices and prepartion techniques
► Match made one to one meetings with decision-makers
► Observers seat at M:brane Pitching Event 1 + 2 March 11th and 12th
► Access to The Opening Industry Day conference and Evening Mingle
► Two networking lunches
► Four networking coffee breaks
► Exclusive login to M:brane members area
► The indispensable M:brane, packed with information and contacts on broadcasters, funders, distributors, commissioning  editors and co-producers
► Producers meet Producers Breakfast, March 11th
► Evening Cocktail Mingle, March 10th

After February 26th 2020: Cancellations will not be refunded.

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