10-12 March 2020


About M:brane

Welcome to M:brane, formerly The Financing Forum for Kids Content, and our re-branded identity.
Our new name derives from string theory, where a brane is not necessarily fixed. At zero dimensions the brane is just a point. At two dimensions it's a surface. At 3+1 it’s an entire universe, also known as 'space in time'. At the moment our Flagship is the Forum in March. In the future we might extend the brand with new initiatives under the same brand, but with other sorts of focus

Be around when future is formed

What is M:brane, and what was The Financing Forum For Kids Content?

M is for Malmö, our city of origin.

The name also can be heard like brain and we like this, since we believe our work in the end is for the most Brainy Generations ever: Those growing up now and those coming after them. For inspiration, we look to children and young people, who know all this innately. Their brains naturally play with new ideas, discoveries, fantasies, associations, interactions and counteractions. In this sense, children are in our opinion definitely smarter than adults.

Lastly, when we pronounce M:brane, it just as well orally can be membrane. We can't predict the future. But we can make sure to give the right prerequisites for different forces to interact and counteract and in this way be around when future is formed.

M:brane encourages these future-forming encounters and channels the resulting energy towards new directions. Just like a membrane allows certain liquids to pass but not others. M:brane incorporates our profile in the industry as a highly curated platform. 

M:brane is a brand built on the understanding that life is organic and new things happen as a result of different forces interacting or counter-acting. It's dialectical.

M:brane enables the best ideas to make it to the next phase. This doesn't mean they’re ready – or even have a fixed form – but they're on their way.

The Financing Forum for Kids Content has always had a platform agnostic approach, where we have let curiosity lead in our selection of projects and experts. In the time gone, since our inception, we have experienced how the younger generations are the ones, who will spearhead the changes in creation and consumption of content for their peers. 

M:brane is just as flexible, and we view flexibility as a key driver for our industry. Progress isn’t found on one path, but many and often unknown. With our forum in Malmö we help decision makers and producers investigate new opportunities within the areas of new technology, new formats and new ideas. M:brane is also an efficient way to match the right ideas with the right funding.

M:brane as an organic brand, interact with the industry in a myriad of ways. pitches, project development, educational workshops, work on idea processes, future analysis... Even though we have a well proven format and in-depth knowledge about the industry – we pay homage to our lead star: There's no fixed formula. Needs and solutions are in constant flux, the technological developments and in constant flux and Young Audiences ways of engaging with content are in constant flux.

And so is M:brane



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