m:brane Official Selection 2022

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions to this year’s m:brane Forum!

We’re really excited to show you the list containing 30 projects selected to be part of m:brane 2022. There’s a wide geographical spread, with projects coming all the way from Uganda to Slovakia and Norway, among other parts of the world, of course including France as this is the country in focus this year.  We’re looking at innovative projects aimed towards Youth Audiences within formats such as Interactive, Multiplatform, TV-series and Films.

m:brane’s Main Pitch category will be joined by three projects from m:brane’s trademark section REALYOUNG, which will host seven projects in all.

This year we’re strengthening our focus on Science & Natural History, both within our Official Selection and the Opening Industry Day. This new initiative, that will become a larger part of m:brane in the future, is called m:brane Learning.

So, please go ahead and dive into m:brane’s Official Selection 2022 here!