m:brane’s most valuable asset – The Youth Experts

n absolute key factor to the uniqueness of the m:brane Forum lies in the continuous efforts from our Youth Experts. During our workshop program REALYOUNG© the Youth Experts engage with the selected projects and the creatives behind. The experts bring their insights and opinions to the table, giving feedback straight from the target group, the Young Audience. 

This year we also launch a new concept within m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe initiative; the Open Resource Workshop©. This new initiative will work as an exciting investigation into the core of the three participating projects and their format in relation to how it could become interesting for a Young Audience. During the workshop, we are interested in an investigative examination, exploring widely the theme, subject and possible add-ons / spin-offs – suggested by and in dialogue with our Youth Experts and for an attending audience of m:brane delegates.

We are proud to present the four Youth Experts joining us at m:brane 2022:

Agnes Rishøj Pedersen, 14 yrs 

Denmark Agnes, who joins the Forum for the third time around, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her family. She’s a keen moviegoer and appreciates reading in all forms.

Hi Agnes! Do you have any tips for us? 

“I recently read “China Rich Girlfriend” by Kevin Kwan. The reason I liked the book was because it gave an absurd yet “realistic” look into the elite upper class in Asia.”

What are your expectations for this year’s Forum?

“I think it will be very interesting to participate and I think that as a Youth Expert I will be able to contribute with a different point of view than the tutors.”

David Nyed, 16 yrs

Sweden Also a known face among our Youth Experts, with previous experience from participating at m:brane. David lives in Malmö, and his latest passion is indie games.

Hi David! Could you explain your most recent interest?

“For the moment I’ve fixed my gaze on indie games with simpler goals, that will still keep you interested for a long time. “Mini Motorways”, “Papers, Please” and “Cuphead” are some of the indie games I’ve been playing recently.”

What are your thoughts before this year’s Forum?

“I’m hoping that there’s going to be a big variation of projects during the workshops. Documentaries with insights to personal things or events that affect us, but also entirely new subjects that we haven’t heard about before.
I look forward to participating another year and bringing thoughts on Youth’s interests and preferences, that will be helpful for the projects in attracting their target groups.”

Josefine Bering Olsen, 14 yrs

DenmarkJosefine from Copenhagen is joining m:brane for the first time as a Youth Expert. She enjoys reading, watching movies as well as painting and writing.

Welcome Josefine! What are your expectations on being a Youth Expert?

“I’m excited to see what kind of projects that’s gonna be presented and hopefully learn some new things. I’m sure it’s going to be fun, and it’s nice to try something new once in a while.” 

I understand that you watch a lot of movies and tv shows, what’s your favorite?

“Anne with an E – this is probably the show I’ve watched the most. I could watch it a million times and I wouldn’t get bored. I love that it’s based in the late 18th century (the clothes and all). But what I love most is that it portrays real time problems like sexism, racism, homophobia, sexual assault and much more. It’s an amazing show with some important messages.”

Morgan Norberg, 15 yrs,

SwedenMorgan has experience making short films, and has been acting since he was 7 years old. His interest in film is only matched by his interest in video games, books, and the beatles.

Hi Morgan! What’s going through your mind now before the Forum?

“Since this is my first time being a Youth Expert, I don’t know exactly what to expect. But, I think the idea that the target group provides input on a project before it is finished sounds very interesting. It feels like many of the misses I see in Youth films right now could have been avoided if the director had talked to people of the target age.”

Please, tell me what excites you for the moment?

“My favorite program / podcast / movie / game (or other media experience right now) and always, is Die Hard. I know, a bit cliché, though Die Hard is really the perfect movie of its genre. It has a very good tempo, the acting is superb, the twists are interesting and exciting. And a good ending where all threads are dissolved. In addition, Alan Rickman is involved.”