The Jackson Wild / Schoolyard Films

Northern Europe Environmental Film Scholarship

In partnership with Amberjack Films & m:brane

Tom Fitz, Executive Director of Schoolyard Films expresses down below his idea with the Environmental Film Scholarship. Here you can also take part of, what Executive Director of Jackson Wild, Lisa Samford regard as to how the alliance enriches this effort and m:brane’s Senior Creative Advisor, Annette Brejner adds a notion on how she assesses, that m:brane can support to elevate this vision.

“My goals are supported by director of Amberjack Films, Andy Byatt’s vision, who is using his wide network of international contacts to create this program. Together we are driving a vision of the power of scholarship films to both embrace new filmmaking talent and increase the power and relevance of storytelling for the environment globally”

To the question of why an alliance with Jackson Wild enriches this effort, Executive Director Lisa Samford says:

“Jackson Wild is committed to amplifying different perspectives that creatively engage new audiences to protect and restore our natural world, a catalyst for accelerating and elevating impactful storytelling at the nexus of nature, science, and conservation. Through innovative and collaborative convenings, professional development and skill-building initiatives and mentorship programs, Jackson Wild creates an inclusive forum for storytellers to more deeply illuminate connections to the natural world and our collective responsibility to the wild.”

m:brane’s Senior Creative Advisor, Annette Brejner, envisions a strong future for the partnership.

“By entering our partnership with The Jackson Wild / Schoolyard Films Northern Europe Environmental Film Scholarship, m:brane and our latest extension: m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe will be further lifted into the international sphere and its core values strengthened”

Annette Brejner concludes

“It is our hope, by becoming a partner for the Environmental Film Scholarship in North Europe, that we can help elevate the significance and impact of the Scholarship and attract strong partners, to help finance and spread this vision”