Brand new THINK TANK during m:brane Forum 2023!

To empower our recent addition to m:brane’s annual event March 14-16, we launch the m:brane Learning THINK TANK, spearheaded by Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner and with Stéphane Malagnac, France, on board as co-creator and moderator.

We have invited a group of professionals, with specific skills across sectors, and have asked them to reflect upon and discuss a number of crucial questions. We will focus on topics from “How do we start up to collaborate with Universities, Research Institutes and Science Museums? to “How could we implement the content development structures, refined during m:brane’s 17 years of existence into underlining the quest defining the future of Learning for youth and wider audiences”?

In other words, we expect a half day of discussions between bright minds and knowledge experts to kickstart our journey for this extra strand of the m:brane brand.

The Think Tank is by invitation only.

When: March 15th between 15.15 – 18.30 at Malmö Wisdome.

Read more about the Think Tank here

In a number of ways, scattered throughout the program for m:brane 2023, m:brane Learning will be reflected and add substance to the vision. The Opening Industry Day conference looks through this prism via a keynotecase studies and an Open Resource Workshop – panel discussion including Youth Experts. A Think Tank takes place on Wednesday and as well 13 of the projects selected for m:brane this year does in one or more ways further highlight this aspect.