The Noble Art of Pitching Returned in 2023

 Pitching is an Artform and requires skills and lots of training!

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen, Nice Ninja, DK has again delivered a crash course in how to pitch a project for m:brane’s selected Producers.

“You can have the best idea in the world for a movie or a TV-series, but it really doesn’t matter if nobody is interested in reading your script or taking a meeting.

Pitching is a great tool to get others interested in an idea or a project. That is actually the whole idea behind presenting at m:brane in Malmö.”

“When you are on the stage at m:brane you will have five minutes, 300 seconds to present your project in front of Decision Makers and potential co-producers. As a pitch trainer my aim is to help you make your pitch so good that it will blow the socks of the audience.”

Thomas Borch Nielsen is our master in pitching and a triple winner of
“Best Pitch”
 at m:brane. His debut film was the science fiction film “Webmaster” (1998), followed by the children’s adventure film “Jewel of the Desert” (2001) and the animated feature film, “Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms” (2008), which was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival and sold to 78 countries. “Captain Bimse” (2019) is Thomas Borch Nielsen’s fourth feature film.

This year Thomas Borch Nielsen was back at m:brane pitching the project “Apple Hills”.