Best Pitch Winner & Special Mention

Thanks to all of you attending m:brane 2022 this week and for making it a great event. Now we have our Winners.

The Best Pitch Award is 2500 € and goes to the best pitch presentation, carefully selected by our jury.

In 2020 we were thrilled to be able to expand with pre-pitch training for the officially selected producers in the Pitch Sections. And since 2021 we have offered this service for the Pitching Teams, as it is a unique possibility for strengthening their presentation skills, which in the end can “make or break” a successful outcome of attending the Forum. This m:brane initiative will continuously be a leverage of Youth Content and status. As a visible recognition of the fruitful outcome of elevated and sharpened pitching techniques, we are thrilled to announce:

Winner of the m:brane Best Pitch Award 2022

For the third time: Pitch Award in collaboration with Creative Europe

Congratulations to

Producer Julia Andersen and Screenwriter/Director Torfinn Iversen

Fjordic Film, Norway

For outstanding presentation of the project: 

Uncle Egg – Searching for a Dad

Uncle Egg – Searching for a Dad

A feature film project in development about a twelve-year-old boy from Norway who sets out on a venturesome trip with his uncle, in search of his real father.

Screenwriter/Director Torfinn Iversen and Julia Andersen with m:brane moderator Ove Rishøj Jensen during the pitch this Thursday.

We received this statement, from Producer Julia Andersen and Screenwriter/Director Torfinn Iversen just before they left Malmö this morning:

“We are incredibly proud og honored to have received such an important price. A big thanks to m:brane and the jury for believing in our project. We’ve met a great deal of people at m:brane that will be important door-openers and collaborators. Now we are one big step further in realizing “Uncle Egg – Searching for a Dad”

The Award was instilled in 2020 to further encourage producers of Youth Content to start and continue their important work within the m:brane network, to produce relevant, edgy, content, that is in the forefront of new technology as well as of innovative storytelling, which is further propelled by excellent artistic grip and form. As such we aim to drive “Business for Arts Sake” and further honor “Smart Content for Savvy Young Audiences.”

Special mention

This year the m:brane jury would like to give a Special Mention to:

Producer/Director Cindy Magara and Director Rogers Atukunda

Nyati Motion Pictures, Uganda

For their presentation of the project:


Producer/Director Cindy Magara and Director Rogers Atukunda during their online pitch, with m:brane moderator Ove Rishøj Jensen


The Paparazzi team gave us a brave and heartbreaking online pitch, for a project where the creators take huge risks to tell a universal story for the world.

We also got a statement from the team of Paparazzi:

“We are so humbled that we could be considered in such a way. Such recognition energises us to write more, and in this case, we get more determined to get “Paparazzi” on screen. We hope to participate in the next m:brane. Thank so very much!
And special thanks to Firdoze to giving us such exposure. As for the team at m:brane, we can’t thank you enough. You did a wonderful job.”

The m:brane jury

We thank the Jury for their meticulous work in helping m:brane lift this task.

The jury for the Best Pitch Award is led by chairman Peter Hiltunen, the Managing Director at Kulturakademin. 

Our esteemed jury members are:

Margarete Jangård, producer at WG Film (SE)
Danckert Monrad-Krohn, Director at Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival (NO)
Aleksandar Pašalić, journalist (RS)

This year we have invited a young member to the jury. 21-year-old Aleksandar Pašalić is a journalist, living in Serbia.

“Working with m:brane on such an important task was an incredible experience. I am thankful to m:brane for giving me, a young up-and-coming journalist, an opportunity to be a juror among experienced veterans of their craft, Danckert Monrad-Krohn and Margarete Jangard, and to work closely with Peter Hiltunen, a true leader and guider. I hope we’ll see eachother again. Until then- keep on rockin’ m:brane!”

Aleksandar Pašalić, journalist (RS)

Pitching is an Artform and requires skills and lots of training!

The Noble Art of Pitching returned in 2022

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen, Nice Ninja, DK has again delivered a crash course in how to pitch a project for m:brane’s selected Producers.

You can have the best idea in the world for a movie or a TV-series, but it really doesn’t matter if nobody is interested in reading your script or taking a meeting.

“Pitching is a great tool to get others interested in an idea or a project. That is actually the whole idea behind presenting at m:brane in Malmö. When you are on the stage at m:brane you will have five minutes, 300 seconds to present your project in front of Decision Makers and potential co-producers.”

Thomas Borch Nielsen is a triple winner of m:brane’s “Best Pitch Award”.

He has wide experience as a film director and producer. His debut was the science fiction film “Webmaster” (1998), followed by the children’s adventure film “Jewel of the Desert” (2001) and the animated feature film, “Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms” (2008), which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and was sold to 78 countries. “Captain Bimse” (2019) is Thomas Borch Nielsen’s fourth feature film.

And then of course the memorable pitch successes at the Forum, where Thomas has Pitched five times:

  • Feature animation Marco Macaco
  • “The Snowflakes” pitched as a feature film in 2012 (winning South Post Award for Best Pitch as well as the Audience Award).
  • The Snowflakes, the year after pitched developed into a trans-media project, and won the Kids Jury’s Award for Best Pitch.
  • In 2015 Borch Nielsen pitched the feature animation “Little Allan – The Human Antenna” and
  • The animated comedy series & trans-media project Apple Hills in 2019