Call for Science & Natural History Projects

Deadline Thursday December 2nd 2021

m:brane accepts submissions from European co-productions for all genres and platforms aimed at young audiences age 3-18 years.

Last year’s Science & Natural History track at m:brane Forum turned out to be a highly successful element of the Event. This has convinced us to go even further and develop a stronger common thread of Science and Natural History during m:brane 2022!

During m:brane 2022 we will under the special track for Science & Natural History strengthen the production of film, VR, gaming and other experiences aimed at Young Audiences. This means we hereby are reaching out to the Scientific Community directly. To create strong links between them and the m:brane network of Creative Producers and Directors.

Filled with excitement we now extend our hand to the Scientific Community to join us at m:brane in March 2022:

We give European Scientists and Researchers a chance to give a pitch presentation of their research projects at the Forum. 

They will be guided by direct feedback and meetings with Creative Producers and Directors with the purpose of finding ways to turn scientific research into stories aimed at Youths. Whether it turns out to become a web-series, projects for smartphones, a VR experience or a documentary film

The Science focus will be highlighted by various other features dotted out through the entire Forum Event and with a number of specially invited guests from the Science Community attending. The focus will be designed by Senior Creative Advisor, Annette Brejner and produced for m:brane by Hussain Currimbhoy.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of these brand new connections and meetings.