Focus Country: Norway

Each year we programme m:brane with a spotlight on one specific country. After the 2022 French focus we’re turning our heads towards our Nordic neighbor for m:brane 2023. Country Focus: Norway is produced in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute:

Isn’t it time to change the value culture around childrens content? Why do we still excuse ourselves when we talk about “making films for children”?

We need a sea change to challenge the current distribution and funding landscape and raise our horizon to the next generation. This is about society’s responsibility to show equal democratic vision for young people. But this audience expects imagination, creativity, authenticity and fantasy. How can we as makers and supporters connect and keep up?

The Norwegian Film Institute has decided to elevate and prioritize the films and content intended for a Young Audience; through the funding schemes and distribution support that enables children and young people to participate and schools and cinemas to show films for younger audiences. As the focus country of m:brane 2023, we want to invite you to partake in a programme where we will discuss the Norwegian model, share cases and open up for more collaboration across the borders.

The programme segment will take place during our Opening Industry Day, March 14th, in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute.

Why Norway? Over the years m:brane have seen a great amount of Norwegian projects pitched during our forum, with producers returning with new and exciting projects and a strong will to invest and collaborate for creating high quality content for children and youth. It seemed natural to take a deep dive into their model and share knowledge across our industry.

With a focus on Norway we are calling all Norwegian producers to submit their projects to COUNTRY FOCUS: NORWAY for the 2023 forum.
Submission deadline December 1st 2022. 
Submit your project here

What are we looking for? 

Audiovisual content for children and youth audiences across all platforms and formats with:

►Creative ideas and high artistic standards

►Commercial potential for international distribution

►Qualified production team

►Strong financing potential

►Willingness to and potential for co-production