For the 5th time we turn the spotlight on a specific country in our programme. For m:brane 2022 we have selected France – the birthplace of moving pictures where the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière filed for the patent of their Cinématograph that recorded moving images.

We are focusing on France and its audiovisual industry, especially towards a young audience. We welcome French Producers to submit projects to be presented at m:brane. 

More info about Focus:France coming up.

m:brane accepts submissions from European co-productions for all genres and platforms aimed at young audiences age 3-18 years.

And include an invitation to:

– Documentary Producers to submit for the 8th REALYOUNG

– Producers of VR/Immersive/Dome content

– French Producers looking for co-production with European Partners to submit within our Focus:France

About our Selection Criteria and timeline

The submission deadline for projects to m:brane 2022 is Thursday, December 2nd! More about our submission rules and regulations here!

For questions regarding submissions, please contact Project Manager Maritte Sørensen at