Update from REALYOUNG Project Behind Lucy – 2021

At last year’s m:brane Forum we took some important steps towards deepening our focus on Science & Natural History, which will be followed this year by projects within our new concept m:brane Learning.

One of the most talked about projects during and after m:brane 2021 is the feature length documentary Behind Lucy, which participated in the REALYOUNG section. Directed by Ruth Chao and produced by Alphonse De La Puente, from Somadrome Films in Spain.

The doc will give a unique behind the scenes experience from several years of preparations before the NASA space mission Lucy. A mission with the object to launch a space probe to Jupiter’s Trojans to unveil the origins of our solar system. On 16th October 2021 the long awaited launch into space was executed successfully.

Recently, we caught up with director Ruth Chao on the latest news on Behind Lucy.

Hi Ruth! What’s happened since the last Forum in 2021? 

“It was a pleasure to be part of M:brane last year and the feedback we got from there was very interesting for us. In fact, during the event we got in touch with the Finnish educational platform, Lyfta, which is now collaborating with the project. We’re producing for them four shortfilms for a very ambitious multi-storyworld with four of our characters of our documentary that will portray the huge diversity of the people involved in the Lucy mission.”

Exciting news, where will the doc be available besides Finland? 

“Since M:brane, we have managed to get onboard “Behind Lucy” the US documentary SVOD platform, Curiosity Stream, as well as several Spanish channels (TVE, TVG and AMC Network Iberia), and we’re right now in negotiations with other international channels for pre-sales.”

And when is Behind Lucy due to premiere? 

“Right now, we’re in the middle of the postproduction, with the editiing and all the graphics and CGI animations. We’re planning to deliver the documentary in June, so it will be worlwide broadcasted through Curiosity Stream on July, and then the rest of the broadcasters will aired after that.  

We’d like to thank you again for all your support and your kind invitation to your amazing event.”