Jackson Wild / Schoolyard Films

Northern Europe Enviromental Film Scholarship
In partnershop with Amberjack Films & m:brane

The Jackson Wild / Schoolyard Films

Northern Europe Environmental Film Scholarship

In partnership with   Amberjack Films & m:brane

In a new initiative to develop environmental filmmaking talent, Jackson Wild/US & Austria and Schoolyard Films/US have teamed up with Amberjack/UK and m:brane/SE to establish the Northern Europe Environmental Film Scholarship to give voice to young filmmakers around the world, spreading talent and skills while showcasing authentic voices irrespective of gender, ethnicity or disability.

In direct extension thereof, we are utterly pleased and very proud to embrace and launch our new partnerships with The Jackson Wild/ US & Austria, Schoolyard Films/ US and Amberjack Films /UK who together have created the Environmental Film Scholarship.


Tom Fitz, Executive Director of Schoolyard Films, and Andy Byatt, Managing Director of Amberjack Films, have teamed up to drive this initiative of scholarship films to both embrace new filmmaking talent and increase the power and relevance of storytelling for the environment globally.

In the link down below you can read how Tom Fitz, Executive Director of Schoolyard Films expresses his idea behind the Environmental Film Scholarship. Here you can also take part of, what Executive Director of Jackson Wild, Lisa Samford regard as to how the alliance enriches this effort and m:brane’s Senior Creative Advisor, Annette Brejner ads a notion on how she assesses, that m:brane can support to elevate this vision.

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The new initiative will be launched during m:brane’s Opening Industry Day Andy Byatt, Amberjack Films (UK/FR) and Tom Fitz, Schoolyard Films Inc. (US) will give insight to the North American scholar Ella Van Cleave and introduce the first Northern European Environmental Film scholar Ismaele Tortella and his project Ocean Meetings.

Opening Industry Day m:brane 2022 March 15th 15.50–16.20
There’s still room for more online Observers. Register for your accreditation here

From Left: Tom Fitz, Lisa Samford, Andy Byatt and Annette Brejner



Ella Van Cleave, Vancouver has been selected as the first Scholarship recipient in North America. Her film, Fight for Flight was generously funded by $30K donations, making her able to create a pilot. Ella was selected through the Jackson Wild mentorship program.

Photo credit: Steve Woods


The second scholar has launched his project to be developed: Ocean Meetings. We are currently looking for financial support, to help Ismaele Tortella, a young Italian photographer turned filmmaker

realize his Whale & Kids vision in the deep, cold waters outside Tromsö, Norway.


We are looking for finance partners to fund a budget of €50K per scholarship. Different sponsors can be attached to films from each area that the scholarship program supports. We are looking for sponsorship to have both local and international relevance. In each case we want to support talent from the world region showcased by its scholarship film.

m:brane will be point of contact for Northern Europe Environmental Film Scholarship.

Contact: Lennart Ström, Managing Director, m:brane / lennart@mbrane.se / Ph: 0046 708768951

Jackson Wild will be the point of contact for the North American Scholarship and UCLA for the Central African Scholarship.

Contact: Melanie Judd, Partnerships & Engagement, Jackson Wild / melanie@jacksonwild.org