Keynote Speaker for m:brane Learning

The Non Didactic Universe at The Opening Industry Day

As we programmed for m:brane Learning at the Opening Industry Day, we were looking for somebody that could accentuate our broader aims for the initiative. Neal Hartman, Festival Director at CineGlobe, has a leg in – and a passion for both audiovisual works and science.

When introduced to m:brane Learning Neal wrote:
“There has long been a discussion amongst media creators over how much and how best to teach through audiovisual works. But as the world becomes more complex, the problems facing us become more intractable, and young people become more literate in new media formats, the stories we tell need to concentrate less on teaching and more on inspiration. By 

giving young people the incentive to seek out their own paths and learn in their own ways, focusing new audiovisual work on creating inspiration, rather than only conveying information, will result in a more empowered and active youth audience”.

And with this statement we are delighted to present Neal Hartman as this year’s Keynote Speaker, kicking off m:brane’s latest extension.