Welcome to m:brane 2024, the networking and financing event for audiovisual projects aimed at a wider youth audience. 

m:brane is a platform that supports international creators of innovative, highly engaging audiovisual and immersive smart content for young audiences maximize international opportunities on the global stage. 

For 17 years we have focused on bringing new and innovative stories to a savvy young audience, bridging together producers and financiers during our annual three day Forum in March, that includes the inspiring: 

Opening Industry Conference

Pitching Sessions

One to One meetings


As a highly curated forum, m:brane is always looking for new stories and ways to tell them. We have a focus on content that disrupts the didactic framework and indulge in artistic and innovative expressions, and we ensure our mission is reflected in everything from the conference program to the 300 individual, super match set-up meetings.

In 2024 we will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary for the m:brane training initiative scheme: The documentary workshop REALYOUNG ©, which we have designed to develop and promote independent documentary projects for and with young audiences. 

For half a decade we have welcomed a country in focus and in 2024 we direct the spotlight to Germany and encourage German producers to submit their projects to m:brane.

We rely on the newest research and draw inspiration from technological advancements to design programs that meet industry needs. Our latest initiative, m:brane Learning – the non-didactic universe©  harnesses the power of storytelling to make scientific concepts more accessible.

We welcome ideas for content in a boundary breaking form with a base in the academic world and encourage science communicators, scientists and producers eager to convey their findings and research to a wider youth audience to get in contact with us.

Or join the forum as OBSERVER to strengthen your network and get inspiration for your next project. If you are an emerging producer, then join us to get invaluable input and access to our broad range of Decision Makers from 30+ countries.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE Pitch Projects and REALYOUNG© Workshop Thursday November 30th 2023 23.59 EST. 

Submission will open in Fall of 2023. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Managing Director Lennart Ström, if you have any questions: lennart@mbrane.se
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