m:brane Learning 2023 – The Non Didactic Universe

m:brane wants to contribute to a common understanding that a strong media culture means a strong Youth base. In 2021 m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe was launched as the forum´s first science and learning track, born out of need in a world where we are surrounded by gaps: in information, canyons in culture, blurred spaces in between what is and is not.

m:brane Learning brings together a specifically chosen collection of stories and thinkers who represent new dimensions in contemplation about our place in the world and how we can collectively address the challenges facing us. m:brane Learning also aims to create a strong link between smart content creatives and the needs spun out of the science community’s so called third task, which is the task of colleges and universities to share knowledge to the public.

The specific goal settings for m:brane Learning 2023 are to encourage a wider youth audience to investigate and seek new knowledge, to question but also make them feel that they can trust facts and through clear and inspiring case studies focus on a democratic way of working, in a time where many young people feel that what is spread in various media cannot always be trusted. In this way m:brane aims to contribute to a bigger trust in facts and research.

In the new year we will reveal more details about the program we have curated for our participants for the 2023 forum.