New talent at m:brane

We’re really happy to announce two new additions to our team. Welcome
Rehanna and Siyu!

Rehanna Svedin Ollerstam

Rehanna Svedin Ollerstam is based in Sweden Malmö. She is a graduate of Skurup Folkhögskola and has screened several projects at different film festivals around the world. Rehanna is our Guest and Venue Coordinator and will assist all attendees of m:brane with information, where it is needed. Besides her role at m:brane Rehanna is currently working on her horror short. Rehanna is a serviceminded horror films buff.

Her biggest interest, except film, is since March her dog Ripley (yes, from the film Alien). Equality, human rights and the environment are key topics to Rehanna that she loves to explore and discuss as she sees them as utmost important.

Siyu Hua

Siyu Hua is m:brane’s new Project Management Intern. Originally from China, Siyu is currently studying for a master’s degree in Visual Culture at Lund University. She will mainly work with the expanded Science & Natural History Track during m:brane 2022.

Siyu holds a BA degree of film studies in Chongqing University, China, and has previously interned at the public relations office of one of the largest TV channels in China. As well as having experience from working at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.