Big congrats to the team behind Mini Zlatan and Uncle Darling

The feature film that was pitched at m:brane in 2019 is now ready and set to premiere in cinemas on March 18, 2022

Mini Zlatan and Uncle Darling, by Norwegian director Christian Lo (Filmbin), is produced by Petter Lindblad and Sara Sjöö from Snowcloud Films in Sweden. Nicholas Sando from Filmbin in Norway is co-producer. 

The story is about young Ella who is looking forward to a whole week with her favorite uncle Tommy. They are best friends and agree on everything. Until one day, when Tommy’s new boyfriend Steve suddenly arrives. Catch the trailer here.  

This Swedish – Norwegian super team found each other at m:brane in 2019, and signed the co-production in 2020. Producer Petter Lindblad shares his thoughts on the experience from m:brane: 

“There are few places to pitch a children’s project. m:brane is one of the few dedicated events that focus on children and teens, with the purpose of attracting both new projects and important financiers. When we pitched at m:brane in 2019, we were early on in the process of finding funds. For us that became a way of trying out the concept and story, in order to see if we were heading in the right direction. We received good feedback and interest for the project, which helped us further the development. Afterwards important players knew about the project and were prepared and open for a direct pitch.”

At m:brane the producers met Fulko Kuindersma from Dutch Features Global Entertainment and signed an international distribution deal. As mentioned Nicholas Sando from Filmbin in Norway got on the train as co-producer in 2020, after seeing the pitch at m:brane. 

Nicholas shares a comment on the experience: 

“We knew Petter from our previous project “Los Bando”, where he was co-producer. The collaboration and chemistry was good. We were introduced to “Mini Zlatan and Uncle Darling” for the first time at m:brane 2019, and liked the project straight away. Afterwards, during summer and autumn, things started moving and Snowcloud wanted to attach our director Christian Lo to the project. Since we knew Petter from different forums and festivals, and not least “Los Bando”, the choice felt natural. We loved the project and the script kept improving, so we really wanted to get on board.”

Soon to be heading towards cinemas in Sweden and Norway, we look forward to seeing “Mini Zlatan and Uncle darling”!