Opening Industry Day – ArtMinute

An experimental animation project opens up the experience of art at museums by Zentropa, Die Asta Experience & Artmuseum Brandts.

ArtMinute is a cross-disciplinary new culture format, created by a unique collaboration between a film company, a museum and a company specialized in interaction with the audience, online and physical.

Asta Wellejus, Die Asta Experience, gives a unique insight into the backstage of the project. Its goals, cross collaborative methods, work processes and results.

ArtMinute is a creative experiment between film- and museum experience. The mission is to open up any artwork for the audience, in any museum, from any region or country, by creating short intense animated stories. The stories are between 2.5 – 4 min. They must be able to be enjoyed and understood without any prior knowledge of the painting, the artist or the time period. ArtMinute was invented by Peter Aalbæk Jensen and Asta Wellejus (Zentropa and Die Asta Experience) – inspired by projects they had both previously done in museums.

The project is funded by Culture Region Funen, under their “innovative new culture experiences and collaborations” framework.

The film has so far been selected for more than 26 festivals internationally, and has won in different categories. To the big surprise of the team, as very experimental films often don’t do well at festivals.

ArtMinute is both a film, an installation and a series of workshops.

Speaker: Asta Wellejus, CEO, Die Asta Experience, Denmark