Opening Industry Day

Science for Young Audiences

As part of this year’s Opening Industry Day on March 15th at m:brane 2022 we’re launching our new initiative m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe.

A large part of the programme is dedicated to this exciting new strand that brings together a specifically selected collection of stories and thinkers who represent new dimensions in contemplation about our place in the world and how we collectively can address the challenges facing us. We ask ourselves what it means to be re-wired in a positive way, to re-tool towards humanist values.

We launch our new initiative, with a package that comprises inspirational speakers, a panel and open the door to a new concept: Open Resource Workshop©

m:brane Learning is designed by Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner

We’re proud to present the following three projects as part of m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe programme:

Made to Measure

Insight: Tensions at the heart of young people’s online and real-life identities and the toolbox, that lets them get ahead of the game

In the interactive documentary MADE TO MEASURE the question is asked: Can we completely reconstruct a doppelganger of someone based entirely on their search history? The answer is surprisingly accurate: yes. During these intense minutes with the young award-winning team, we will look at how this multiverse style storytelling universe penetrates the topic in ways that float right into the heart of a core challenge for Young Humans and present them – and us – for a toolbox that lets them get ahead of the game.

Speakers: Cosima Terrasse, filmmaker & Producer, Laokoon, FR & Moritz Riesewieck, filmmaker & Producer, Laokoon, DE

Young Viewers and their brain

Speech: The lure of media – A significant challenge to the formation of the young mind and how storytelling formats need to evolve to keep up with audience viewing patterns.

Follow us, when we enter the world of Educator and researcher Malin Gutestam who – in her engaging and surprising presentation will share groundbreaking findings into how the Young Viewer’s brains are formed and developed in modern educational environments.

Speaker: Malin Gutestam, Founder Hjärnskap, SE

The Ai Crowd

Inspirational speech: Artificial Intelligence & Young Humans

As AI becomes integrated into many areas of life, from education to filmmaking, Mohanty Sharada shares insights into opportunities AI represents.

By targeting the task to young people, Mohanty Sharada encourages them to work as a community to find creative solutions to many challenges, also charming ones like teaching a robot to walk using AI. The result has seen thousands of young gamers and coders, working together to create code and make new access points to AI technology in an otherwise privileged field.

Speaker: Mohanty Sharada, CEO and Co-founder of AIcrowd, CH