Substantial Coverage about m:brane 2023

Coverage from Cineuropa

Cineuropa’s equilibrist reporter Jan Lumholdt reported from the entire Event.

Read the collection of five articles here

Also, don’t miss out on Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s interview with m:brane’s Managing Director Lennart Ström, about this year’s Forum.

I like to talk about a non-didactic universe, where universe means that we look at many different aspects.

In an interview by Cineuropa the m:brane founder and Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner unpicks the new m:brane Learning Think Tank initiative, and discusses the importance of science and research when targeting Young Audiences.
Read the interview with Annette Brejner here

Revisit the pitches

All the Pitches from m:brane 2023 have now been uploaded to each participants personal profile. This means that you can log-in to your account to view and re-view them. This gives Pitching Producers the opportunity to re-view their pitch and to work further on their pitching skills. They can also screen the pitch to potential new partners after presenting at m:brane. Decision Makers can access and screen the pitches whenever they want to discuss a certain project with colleagues. And finally: Producers looking for co-production opportunities and new partnerships can look into the catalog for this purpose.