Script Pitch

A brand new idea at m:brane 2022

It all starts with an idea, a note on a paper, ok the computer nowadays. A drive, an urgent need to tell a story. The script is the foundation on which the whole process is depending. m:brane and the Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction (Manuskriptskolen for Børnefiktion) in Copenhagen have started a collaboration which now is kicked off with a Script Pitch during the 2022 Forum, where students will pitch their idea to three experienced Script experts.

Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction is a two-year long educational program that provides students with the opportunity to develop their talent for telling stories and building worlds aiming at children and young adults.

At m:brane 2022 selected participants from the educational program will pitch their film ideas in front of three experts. Tacitly these ideas will be at a very early stage and all input can be fruitful for the continuing further writing process.

This Script Pitch will be by invitation only. We strive to create a safe space that allows students to unfold their talent with maximum support. Often very early-stage ideas are equally fragile and we want the students to have the possibility to strengthen their vision without caring about the boundaries set by the industry. It will work as a test for the students to lay out their ideas and to develop their Pitch, as to become a part of m:brane in the future.
The three carefully selected experts, who will guide the students and give constructive feedback to their manuscript pitches and story worlds:

Goran Kapetanovic, (Sweden) director and writer. Kirsten Bonnén Rask, (Denmark) script consultant. Johan Bogaeus, (Sweden) writer.

Script Pitch is funded by Region Skåne and Nordisk Kulturfond.