The Opening Industry Conference 2024 – 2nd drop of program

– during m:brane forum no.18

Second drop of the conference program is out today!

Igniting New Perspectives: Reshaping Media Creation

March 12th from 13:00 in location: Malmö Town Hall, G.A.Torg, Malmö, Sweden

This year m:brane welcomes not only the media industry but more so professionals in the museum sector who are interested in how to explore immersive media and digital content as a tool for museums to enhance the museum experience in the future. Not least to attract and engage young audiences.

And with a fictional industry professional designed for m:brane to let our participants peek into their own and the media industry’s potential future, through an engaging, interactive AI-driven role-play, our program is designed to transform your imagination and your horizons.

In whatever sector in the industry you work, you’ll discover fascinating implications for how digital experiences are shaping our world – and your future.