The Opening Industry Conference 2024

– during m:brane forum no.18

March 12th in Malmö, Sweden from 13:00

Igniting New Perspectives: Reshaping Media Creation

Whether hearing from a change evangelist on the principles of disruption, or what global experts discern in the blur between real and virtual worlds, our program is designed to

transform your imagination and your horizons.  

In whatever sector in the industry you work, you’ll discover fascinating implications for

how digital experiences are shaping our world – and your future.

Now whether you’re looking to explore diverse development opportunities, invigorate your thinking, or just network at a high level, this conference promises to energize and empower participants to plot their own unique course in the changing digital media landscape.

We’ll debate the potential of AI to offer real-time career guidance by test-driving a new AI coaching tool that’s custom designed for m:brane. We’ll present rule-breaking business models and case studies. Cap off the day with hands-on training in a master class about cross-platform worldbuilding and take inspiration from a company whose structure breaks the mold on traditional platform-centric thinking.

Curious yet?

Come join us on a compelling journey through groundbreaking ideas and a glimpse of the uncharted territories ahead in the media landscape.

First drop of the program is out today

When: Tuesday March 12th at 13:00 in Malmö, Sweden

What: Keynote by Moderator Mark Shayler, UK

In the spirit of shaking things up, we start with a trick question: If you want to change the world; is it better to think big, or think small? Moderator Mark Shayler has quite literally written the book on disruption and is passionate about turning these kinds of questions inside-out. As a strategist and business consultant for multi-national companies, he’ll in his kick-off keynote share principles from his practice for thinking differently, and how you can integrate the approach into your own projects and beyond. Buckle up.

What: Presentation: Meet the people behind the innovative company
Dark Riviera – the IP Boutique SE

We’ll continue in the same open spirit of curiosity and dialogue that distinguish the entire conference. Join us for a presentation from a company that has already embraced some of the tools and ideas, that will be presented on the m:brane stage. We welcome Emilie Blézat, the CEO, Producer & IP Creator behind Dark Riviera– The IP Boutique, whose company breaks the mold on traditional platform-centric thinking. Discover how it cultivates a cohesive brand across various platforms in this DEEP DIVE discussion with her collaborator, the IP Creator, Writer/Director David Dusa.Together they’ll unpack their innovative business model and creation process that reach distinct and diverse target audiences, including that elusive demographic: youth.

The gates are open – Accreditation to m:brane 2024

It’s now possible to book your spot at the event in March. We offer a variety of accreditations for industry professionals who wish to participate during m:brane Forum and become part of our network.

It’s possible to attend m:brane 2024 onsite for The Opening Industry Conference and our Pitch Events and many networking opportunities.

Dates to remember

Accreditations to m:brane closes March 1st

m:brane Forum on site in Malmö: March 12th – 14th 2024