Who can you network with at m:brane 2024?

80+ decision makers and industry insiders from these companies and organizations will attend m:brane in March – and counting:

  • NRK Super, NO
  • DR, DK
  • YLE, FI
  • BBC, UK
  • KiKA, DE
  • LTV, LV
  • UR, SE
  • NDR Fernsehn, DE
  • P1 Kemppinen, FI
  • Folkets Bio, SE
  • Creative Europe Desk Sweden, SE
  • Creative Europe Desk Denmark, DK
  • Svenska Arkivförbundet, SE
  • European Academy of Science Film, FR
  • Lucus & Co, DK
  • Young Horizon Industry, PL
  • Boost HBG, SE
  • Swedish Center for Dramatic Writing, SE
  • By the Hour, SE
  • Institute Français De Suède, SE
  • Moldavian National Film Center, MD
  • SKOOP Media, NL
  • Cinekid, NL
  • Finnish Film Foundation/SES, FI
  • Pystymetsä, FI
  • Ivar Studios, SE
  • Malmö Arab Film Festival, SE
  • Business Development Office City of Malmö, SE
  • The Uppåkra Archeological Center Foundation, SE
  • Malmö Museums – Wisdome, SE
  • Southern Sweden Film Commission, SE
  • Toolbox København, DK
  • Gothenburg International Film festival, SE
  • The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction, DK

….and counting!

  • Sluggerfilm AB, SE
  • Spraengfarlig, DK
  • Golden Sparrow Film Festival, DE
  • Dark Riviera, SE
  • Ape, UK
  • Pack Mágic, ES
  • Film i Skåne, SE
  • Warner Bros/Discovery, EMEA/FR
  • Game Habitat, SE
  • Nordisk Film, DK
  • Norwegian Film Institute, NO
  • Farbfilm Verleih, DE
  • Swedish Film Institute, SE
  • Danish Film Institute, DK
  • Norwegian Film Institute, NO
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, US
  • Sunny Side of the Doc, FR
  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute, SE
  • Forum Des Images, FR
  • SilkWay Films, DE
  • Media Licensing GmbH, DE
  • Look at That!, DE
  • Agnes film & Television AB, SE
  • Cineuropa ,EU
  • BizLiz, SE
  • Czech Television, CZ
  • Lindholmen Science Park, SE
  • Smörgåsbord Picture House, SE
  • ikonoTV/DE
  • Nordisk Panorama, SE
  • LevelK, DK

And of course, you will also be able to meet and network with the 36 creative teams of innovative projects in various stages of development, that are looking for new alliances to support moving their projects forward!

Only a few seats left, make sure to make your accreditation soon!

Deadline is approaching in high speed: March 1st

With an All-Access accreditation, you get all of the above
plus the whole conference on Tuesday March 12th

The gates are open – Accreditation to m:brane 2024

It’s now possible to book your spot at the event in March. We offer a variety of accreditations for industry professionals who wish to participate during m:brane Forum and become part of our network.

It’s possible to attend m:brane 2024 onsite for The Opening Industry Conference and our Pitch Events and many networking opportunities.

Dates to remember

Accreditations to m:brane closes March 1st

m:brane Forum on site in Malmö: March 12th – 14th 2024