Who Can You Network With at mbrane

Why is it important to know, who will attend the 17th edition of m:brane?

All of these Organizations and their representatives, have the power, knowhow or network to bring your project further, one way or another. So study the list closely and jump over to registration, while there is still time!

So far 69 registered companies and organizations from 25+ countries to attend the 17th m:brane Forum 2023!

1000 hugs films, 8Heads Productions, Air Productions, Animadocs, ART SHOT, Asta Film ApS, Attraction Distribution, Ausma Media, BBB Movies, BBC, BCD Film AB, Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH, Bombito Productions, Boutique Filmes, Center for Kunst & Interkultur – CKI, Cinekid, Copenhagen Bombay sales, Creative Europe Media Desk Sweden, Danish Film Institute, Denmark Radio, Differ Media, Dutch Features Global Entertainment, Fabelaktiv as, FARBFILM Verleih, Film i Skåne, Filmbin AS, Folkets Bio, Frame Films, GotFat Productions, Idfa’s Markets, Iliade et Films, INVR Space, IVAR Studios, Kastberg Advokat, KIDS KINO INDUSTRY, KIDS Regio, KIKA Der Kinderkanal, Klipp og Lim, Kykmyndir, Las Belgas, Leitwolf Filmproduktion GmbH, LevelK, LTV, MANIFEST FILM, Mojo Raiser Production, KIB Kultivators, Nice Ninja, Nordisk Film, Norwegian Film Institute, NRK Super, Pack Màgic, Paradiddle Pictures, PomPom Film, Post Control, PÖFF, Scorpion TV, Shaw Rocket Fund, SilkWayFilms, Smallville films, Smorgasbord Picture House, Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH, Studioset, SVT, Swedish Film Institute, Toolbox Film ApS, Uppåkra Foundation, UR- Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, WTF er det?, YLE, Østnorsk Filmsenter As

..And more to come!

I want to network at m:brane and make an all-access accreditation!

And now, that we are at the numbers:

For the Forum in March, 30-35 projects in the absolute forefront of Young Audience content.

Join the 200+ professionals from 25+ countries, who have already registered. Get inspired in the company of the frontrunners in media for Young Audiences and seriously enlarge your network for the future. Oh, and of course you get access to all the relevant info and attendees at our Forum database, FestiCiné.

Deadline for all Observers Accreditations: February XX