Thanks to all of you attending m:brane 2023 this week and for making it a great event. Now we have our Winners.

The Best Pitch Award is 2500 € and goes to the best pitch presentation, carefully selected by our jury.

In 2020 we were thrilled to be able to expand with pre-pitch training for the officially selected producers in the Pitch Sections. And since 2021 we have offered this service for the Pitching Teams, as it is a unique possibility for strengthening their presentation skills, which in the end can “make or break” a successful outcome of attending the Forum. This m:brane initiative will continuously be a leverage of Youth Content and status. As a visible recognition of the fruitful outcome of elevated and sharpened pitching techniques, we are thrilled to announce:

Winner of the m:brane Best Pitch Award 2023

For the fourth time: Pitch Award in collaboration with Creative Europe

Congratulations to:

Producer and Director

Yolanda K. Mogatusi

1000 Hugs Films, South Africa

For outstanding presentation of the project

Lula’s Gift from the Ocean

A multiplatform series in development about, Lula, a young reserved girl with a big imagination. She loves exploring but is afraid of the sea – all that is about to change. Photo Credit: 1000 Hugs Films

Yolanda K. Mogatusi during her pitch at m:brane

Jury Motivation

”Yolanda K. Mogatusi made full use of the stage during her pitch of ”Lula’s Gift from the Ocean”. Walking to the tip of the platform, closing in on the audience, and filling the room with her presence and personality. Her presentation came from the heart, and the feelings of the project were expressed in a clear way. In short, the pitch caught the attention of the whole room, including the jury’s.”

“It is our honor to award Producer and Director Yolanda K. Mogatusi, 1000 Hugs Films, South Africa, for the presentation of ”Lula’s Gift from the Ocean” with the Best Pitch Award at m:brane 2023.”

Yolanda Says

”I’m just really taken back by the award. I’m really happy that I came all the way from South Africa. It’s been worth the trip. Award or not. A big part of me being able to pitch is the pre pitch training sessions I had with Thomas Borch Nielsen, before m:brane. Aside from the visibility that the Best Pitch Award will give my project, it will give me the funds to really implement the artwork in the project. That’s an important step.”

The m:brane Jury

We thank the Jury for their meticulos work in helping m:brane lift this task.
The jury for the Best Pitch Award is led by chairman Lennart Ström, Managing Director of m:brane.

Our esteemed Jury members are:
Felix Vanginderhuysen, General secretary ECFA (European Children’s Film Association), Belgium

Mette-Ann Schepelern, Producer and Director at Magma Film, Denmark

Marney Malabar, Children’s Media Consultant, Malabar Creative Consulting, previously at TVO Kids, Canada

Attending m:brane virtually has reminded me of the importance of creating inspirational content for children and youth, as the universal themes presented were impressive. As a jury member, it was a challenging task to select one winner from the outstanding quality of the pitches. For me it’s important that pitches come from the heart and embrace the art of good storytelling. All of the pitches at m:brane were exceptional, and I look forward to following them with the hope that they will eventually be produced and distributed internationally.”

  • Marney Malabar