m:brane Environmental Policy

m:brane places a focus on equality, gender aspects, and other norm-critical perspectives in its operations. From selecting content for panels and debates to inviting decision-makers, partners, speakers, as well as in implementation, the focus is on high quality with a clear gender perspective.

m:brane’s ambition is to be a pioneer in promoting sustainability. By integrating sustainability principles into all aspects of our operations, we strive to be a positive force for both society and the environment.

When it comes to economic sustainability, M:brane is dedicated to creating a balance between generating revenue and reducing costs to ensure long-term survival and growth. This is done by investing in innovative solutions and optimizing resource utilization.

Social sustainability: M:brane aims to contribute to ensuring that all professionals, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, functionality, faith, or employment status, have equal opportunities to participate in various parts of the forum’s program. In the long term, we ensure a diverse range of offerings and thus a richer cultural life on an international basis.

Environmental sustainability: we take our responsibility very seriously. By actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly alternatives, we aim to minimize the negative impact on our planet.

Travel. One of the most important steps is to encourage participants to travel to and from the event by train, reducing the need for air travel and thus carbon emissions. Additionally, m:brane always values the local by collaborating with local suppliers and using sustainable materials and resources wherever possible. m:brane collaborates with hotels and printers that have established environmental policies. We travel to various events in the most environmentally friendly way. We encourage all our participants to choose the most environmentally friendly option for the forum.

By integrating economic, social, and environmental sustainability into all areas of its operations, M:brane strives to be a role model in the industry and inspire others to follow their example for a more sustainable future.

All decisions at m:brane include norm-critical considerations.

We operate based on four fundamental principles:

Participation: ensuring that those affected by our planning and content are included in its design. Give all participants equal attention and opportunity. Listen attentively to participants’ experiences.

Responsibility and Legal Security: ensuring that everyone takes their responsibility.

Non-discrimination: ensuring that no individual or group of individuals is discriminated against, either directly or indirectly.

Transparency: providing insight into operations.

Everyone involved in the operation is expected to apply these perspectives both in current leadership and in content creation.

To those we engage with, we inform the following:

  • Use value-neutral examples and vary your language.
  • Encourage participants and avoid categorical judgments and condescending expressions.
  • Consider the images you display – increase diversity if needed.
  • Refer to examples created/produced by both women and men as well as individuals with different ethnic backgrounds.

As a mentor, moderator, or in any other leadership role, we expect you to integrate a rights-based perspective – both in your leadership and in the content.

As part of breaking the culture of silence, you have a duty and responsibility to inform if you recognize unhealthy signals.