The Opening Industry Conference 2024

Igniting New Perspectives: Reshaping Media Creation

Curated by Creative Director Annette Brejner

Welcome to the m:brane Opening Industry Conference! On March 12th, 2024, we’ll embark on an exhilarating exploration of the changing digital media landscape reshaping media creation. Our diverse sessions are curated not just to inspire professionals, but to empower them with new tools to navigate the evolving sector.

Whether hearing from a change evangelist on the principles of disruption, or what global experts discern in the blur between real and virtual worlds, our program is designed to transform your imagination and your horizons.

We’ll debate the potential of AI to offer real-time career guidance by test-driving a new AI coaching tool that’s custom designed for m:brane. We’ll present rule-breaking business models and case studies.

Cap off the day with hands-on training in a master class about cross-platform worldbuilding and take inspiration from a company whose structure breaks the mold on traditional platform-centric thinking.

In whatever sector in the industry you work, you’ll discover fascinating implications for how digital experiences are shaping our world – and your future.

Curious yet? Come join us on a compelling journey through groundbreaking ideas and a glimpse of the uncharted territories ahead in the media landscape.

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