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At m:brane our mission is to empower and inspire the audio-visual industry in order to increase the spectrum of innovative, high-quality, multi-faceted media content for young audiences – whether in Europe or around the world. For this mission The Opening Industry Conference is our annual flagship event that every year kicks of the forum.

The Opening Industry Conference presents a unique program of inspirational case studies, lively panels, cutting edge projects and the opportunity for participants to join masterclasses and workshops that are custom-designed for and with us.  These sessions illuminate key trends, offer networking opportunities and provide hands-on training. The result? Industry players leave the event keenly informed, newly inspired, and better equipped to address the challenges of creative development in their projects and this crucial media sector.

Our aims at m:brane are ambitious: to continuously improve the development, production, financing, distribution and access to media content for youth while recognizing and respecting the specific needs and appetites of this smart and savvy audience.