More than 200 industry professionals annually attend m:brane, where you will be introduced to a minimum of 26 of the best, new, bold, daring and artistically outstanding projects in development from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Games, features, VR, Immersive, TV-series, apps and multiplatform projects for young audiences between 3 years and up to 18.

m:brane’s One-to-One meetings are tailored and individually appointed by m:brane’s MatchMaker who helps determine, which parties are suited for each other. The One-to-One participants, which include DecisionMakers, Pitching Teams and ObserverPLUS, will receive an invitation to send their meeting requests to our MatchMaker and are matched accordingly, before the m:brane Forum Days.

Our MatchMaker arrange 300 one-to-one meetings in a carefully structured way, so that we obtain a high degree of best matches between all parties involved.  All of the information goes through our MatchMaker and not directly between our participants. A small number of impromptu meetings are set up after each Pitching Sessions.

During our Pitch day I and II the majority of all One-to-One meeting will take place during two intense afternoons where producers and DecisionMakers will have individual meetings to discuss the pitched projects.