Human Rights & Children’s Rights Under the Microscope!

– embedded within seven projects in the line-up for 2024.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) is committed to bringing about human rights change through evidence-based research and direct engagement. As a research and academic institution with a global presence, RWI work closely with their partners in over 40 countries. As of now, RWI has been appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres by to work with two other European research groups, working on the independent assessment of UNRWA.

The institute takes its name from Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved countless lives, including 10.000 Jews, during the final stages of World War II in Hungary.

In 2024, m:brane is excited to collaborate with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute on the theme of human rights and children’s rights. We have particularly been looking for innovative projects, whether factual or fiction, that directly or indirectly address the aspects of human rights and children’s rights.

We believe that human rights are fundamental for every individual, and to support these rights, we have chosen seven projects from the Official Selection, that convey and reflect on human rights and children’s rights. Some direct – and some more subtle.

We have asked Morten Kjærum, former director of the EU Agency For Fundamental Rights, Vienna and outgoing director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute to draw inspiration from the selected pitching projects to provide an introduction and highlight the diverse perspectives showcased throughout the projects, which are:

Bugboy, Feature, Documentary, GR,

Do you see me, Feature, Live-action, SE,

Fonce, VR, Animation Drama, DE

Forza Oslo; Feature, Live-action, NO

Rukis First summer, Feature, Live-action, DE/TN

Sarah´s Journey – Dreams Make Any Place Home, Animation, Feature, SE

This is a Man, Animated Documentary, IT

Morten Kjaerum
Photo: Kristian Mucaj

Morten says:

Human rights are under pressure across all continents; therefore, I am very honoured and pleased to take part in this collaboration that will help bring a deeper understanding of human rights to a wider audience through projects that will leave no one untouched. Children are vulnerable in the present and the force of the future, which is why their rights call for particular attention.

Join us March 14th to meet Morten Kjærum and hear his reflection on the projects and get the inspiration to help making a difference!