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The Non Didactic Universe

New initiative launch: m:brane LearningThe Non Didactic Universe

Last year our first ever Science and learning track at m:brane was born out of need. We are surrounded by gaps: gaps in information, canyons in culture, blurred space in between what is and what is not.
This exciting new strand brings together a specifically selected collection of stories and thinkers who represent new dimensions in contemplation about our place in the world and how we collectively can address the challenges facing us. We ask ourselves what it means to be re-wired in a positive way, to re-tool towards humanist values.

We launch our new initiative, with a package, that comprises inspirational speakers, a panel and open the door to a new concept: Open Resource Workshop© where three projects in development are participating together with a panel of Youth Experts.  

m:brane Learning is designed by Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner  
co-produced for m:brane by Hussain Currimbhoy 

On March 15 in Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy we are excited to present to you:

Keynote Speaker for m:brane Learning

As we programmed for m:brane Learning at the Opening Industry Day, we were looking for somebody that could accentuate our broader aims for the initiative. Neal Hartman, Festival Director at CineGlobe, has a leg in – and a passion for both audiovisual works and science.

When introduced to m:brane Learning Neal wrote:“There has long been a discussion amongst media creators over how much and how best to teach through audiovisual works. But as the world becomes more complex, the problems facing us become more intractable, and young people become more literate in new media formats, the stories we tell need to concentrate less on teaching and more on inspiration. By giving young people the incentive to seek out their own paths and learn in their own ways, focusing new audiovisual work on creating inspiration, rather than only conveying information, will result in a more empowered and active youth audience”.

And with this statement we are delighted to present Neal Hartman as this year’s Keynote Speaker, kicking off m:brane’s latest extension.

NOIRE in Open Resource Workshop©

Tuesday March 15  14.58 – 15.18 Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy

Augmented reality technology for compassion and awareness. We invite m:brane participants to attend a live discussion between our Youth Experts and the NOIRE team

Embracing new media tools is a key concern that stirs at the heart of the question of engagement. With this cutting-edge immersive experience of NOIRE – history becomes immersive in order to trigger compassion for the human rights of a little girl growing up in America’s segregated Deep South.  We invite m:brane participants to attend a live discussion between our Youth Experts and the NOIRE team, on how this project help us understand the blight of prejudice and let us take a few steps towards compassion and awareness and one away from anti-intellectualism and fear. 

Speakers:Tania de Montaigne, writer, Novaya, France & Pierre-Alain Giraud, writer, director and producer, Novaya, France

During the breaks it will be possible for m:brane participants to experience the demo version of the Noire project

Tania de Montaigne, writer, Novaya, France

Tania de Montaigne is a writer, playwright and journalist. She is the author of novels and essays including Colored, la vie méconnue de Claudette Colvin éditions Grasset, Simone Veil Prize 2015 and finalist of the Grand Prix des Lectrices de ELLE 2016. Her latest essay L’Assignation, les Noirs n’existent pas éditions Grasset, published in April 2018, received the Botul Prize and the Secularism Prize.

In 2019, the author participates in the new edition of the Paris of women entitled “Noces”, along with Anne Berest, Adélaïde Bon, Isabelle Carré, Noëlle Châtelet, Catherine Cusset, Carole Fives, Anna Mouglalis, and Rebecca Zlotowski. She is also on stage at the Théâtre du Rond-Point with the play Colored, adapted from her novel and directed by Stéphane Foenkinos

Residing between France and Iceland, Pierre-Alain Giraud is a writer, director and producer, graduated from the London Film School. He has directed immersive works, documentaries, short fiction films and animated films. 

In 2021, he was chosen to be part of a new program by the CNC (French national film fund) called “author’s journey”, supporting and following emerging authors.

In 2020, he directed with Antoine Viviani Solastalgia, an immersive experience selected at the Sundance Film Festival, then presented for 6 months at the Icelandic National Gallery. In 2018, he directed a film for the Iceland Dance Company with Sigur Rós composing the original soundtrack. 2 animated films made with Gabríela Friðriksdóttir were presented at the Lyon Biennale of Contemporary Art (2013) and the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015). From 2012 to 2016, he directed a documentary and several clips for Björk’s producer, Valgeir Sigurdsson. He co-directs and co-produces with Anne Brochet a feature film, Rêve de mouette, scheduled to premiere in March 2022.


Tuesday March 15  14.41 – 14.56  Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy 

Inspirational speech – Artificial Intelligence & Young Humans:  How new techniques can encourage young coders to connect with AI.  

By targeting the task to young people, Mohanty Sharada encourages them to work as a community to find creative solutions. The result has seen thousands of young gamers and coders, working together to create code and make new access points to AI technology in an otherwise privileged field. 

The demand for artificial intelligence technology in education and entertainment has exploded. In this vital and fascinating presentation our participants will get introduced to how new techniques can encourage young coders to connect with AI as we hear from Sharada Mohanty , CEO ‘AI Crowd’. Using case studies Mohanty describes how his company successfully gamifies existing challenges: like teaching a robot to walk using AI. As AI becomes integrated into many areas of life, from education to filmmaking, Mohanty shares insights into opportunities AI represents. 

Sharada Mohanty, CEO and Co-founder of AIcrowd

Mohanty is the CEO and Co-founder of AIcrowd, a platform for organising machine learning challenges on a variety of problems in OpenScience using OpenData.  He has previously been working as a PhD student at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. He has spent the last few years at CERN, Geneva first as a Summer Student with the EF-SFT, CERN and then as a Visiting Scientist at Theoretical Physics Department, CERN.

The Gender Project in Open Resource Workshop© 

Tuesday March 15  14.08-14.28  Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy 

New science frontiers of understanding gender – and how to make it attractive to a young audience 

With the incredible team of the Gender Project, we will endeavor an exciting investigation into the core of this project in development – and its format in relation to how it can become highly interesting for a young audience. An investigative examination exploring widely the theme, subject and possible add-ons / spin-offs – suggested by and in dialogue with the Youth Panelists. 

This lyrical, science-based feature documentary investigates the boundaries of our conception of ‘gender’. The Gender Project enlightens us with a uniquely elegant way of answering the age-old question of nature vs nurture. Here, cinematic storytelling challenges the dichotomy of gender, confronts the binary mythologies of sex with scientific and historical revelations.  

Created by celebrated filmmakers Kimberly Reed and Louise Rosen, the filmmakers highlight new brain research that invigorates the discussion around the science of biological sex, and the relationship between the individual and the culture we create – either purposefully or by habit, our culture creation machine leaves out many groups and often benefits the few. 

For this reason, we invite our participants to -through The Open Resource Workshop© method- follow how valuable feedback from Youth Experts will allow the creators to unpack their unique development journey in order to deepen its appeal for emerging audiences.   

Kimberly Reed,  Big Sky Film Productions, Inc., director/producer, US

Kimberly Reed’s trailblazing film PRODIGAL SONS won 14 international awards and was the first documentary by a transgender filmmaker to be theatrically released in the US. Her next feature documentary, DARK MONEY, was an award-winning selection at Sundance, was promptly named one of Vogue’s 66 Best Documentaries of All Time, nominated for 4 Critics’ Choice Awards and the IDA Award for Best Documentary, shortlisted for an Oscar, and won the duPont Columbia Prize. Kim’s subsequent film work has appeared on Netflix, HBO, and HBO Max.

Louise Rosen, Louise Rosen Ltd., producer, US

Louise Rosen has been working in independent media and the arts for over thirty years, starting her career in international film & television as Director of Sales and Co-productions at Boston PBS station WGBH, later launching her own distribution company and sales agency. Today Louise provides editorial and business consulting services to filmmakers and selectively serves as producer, co-producer, consulting producer, sales agent, and distributor. Her projects have included Oscar, Emmy, Sundance, and other award-winning films.

Young Viewers and their brain 

Tuesday March 15 13.29 -13.44 Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy 

Speech: The lure of media – A significant challenge to the formation of the young mind and how storytelling formats need to evolve to keep up with audience viewing patterns.  

Follow us, when we enter the world of Educator and researcher Malin Gutestam who – in her engaging and surprising presentation will share groundbreaking findings into how the Young Viewer’s brains are formed and developed in modern educational environments. 

 A significant challenge to the formation of the young mind is the lure of media. Here we can discuss how storytelling formats need to evolve to keep up with audience viewing patterns. Not only with what they watch but also how they watch it. When we give information to a young brain, we are part of how this brain will be wired.   

There is a battle to control the viewer, and media creators need all the information we can to give our stories the advantage. Enter the world of educator and researcher, Malin Gutestam, who shares her studies into how the Young Viewer’s brains are formed and developed in modern educational environments. Dr. Gutestam helps young people understand how their brains work, to optimize learning and maintaining mental and personal health.  

Malin Gutestam, Founder Hjärnskap, SE

Malin Gutestam is an edupreneur, teacher, speaker and author. Her great interest in learning and the brain led her to a Post Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership, with focus on the future generation of leaders. Malin has created a course (part of a pilot study) for teenagers to help them understand how their brains work to optimize learning and brain health. In her popular science book Brain Tools for Teens she shares the message with teens and parents. As an edupreneur Malin co-creates brain health projects with teens, parents and teachers.

LYNX Man in Open Resource Workshop©

Tuesday March 15   13.46 – 14.06  Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy 

A Finnish film that challenges the classic nature documentary point of view. 

The power of classic documentary and how it can help engage Young Audiences in their understanding of ecology, spirituality, and the climate change threat. 

Embracing detailed images of a pristine forest landscape, the figure of the isolated man and surveillance footage of a family of lynx, LYNX Man asks the viewer to question our changing relationship to nature. With humor and pathos, this film finds its own path to excite and engage Young Audiences in their understanding of ecology, spirituality, and the climate change threat.  

As our perceptions, and our internal selves, become atomized, the surrounding social and corporate power structures adapt with new ways to capture our attention, dragging us further away from humanist values. An instinctive response to this struggle animates the age-old desire to reconnect with what is real, indeed to what is legitimate, and draws us back to the natural world.
The Lynx Man from Finland evokes a touching depiction of our sense of place in the natural world as it tells the story of an eccentric disabled man who finds a dead lynx and rediscovers the fragile landscape of his youth.  

With climate change storytelling, the need to be constructive, emotional and relevant are imperatives the industry must take seriously, and Lynx man brings those challenges to life with humor and originality. As a project in development, we are thrilled to have the filmmakers present on stage. Which directions will our Youth Experts want this story of isolation vs connectedness to evolve? How would young audiences suggest the filmmaking team get traction in their sphere of Young Humans? 

Juha Suonpää, Director & Photography, FI

Juha Suonpää is an Adjunct Professor in Art, Environmental and Nature Photography, a  photographer and filmmaker. Suonpää works as the principal lecturer of visual culture in the International Degree Programme in Media and Arts at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and as a Senior Academy researcher in a research project of Finnish Academy. Suonpää has exhibited internationally and published documentary films, numerous academic monographs and articles and researched, for example, topics related to photography, visualizing science and the construction of the identity of a place. Suonpää’s earlier film Wolfman premiered at Visions Du Reel Film Festival in 2013.

Pasi Hakkio, Producer at Wacky Tie Films, FI

Pasi Hakkio is a Finnish Film Producer, who entered the film branch through a German company Bavaria Film. At the age of 24 he started his first production company and co-produced a German-Finnish children’s movie Snow Queen, which was nominated twice for a German Grimme-Award. Later Hakkio worked as a producer at Pohjola-filmi and moved to Wacky Tie Films in 2018. Since then he has been working with documentaries and shorts balancing between film and media art.


Tuesday March 15   15.20 – 15.35  Stora Salon, Hotel Savoy

Insight: Tensions at the heart of young people’s online and real-life identities and the toolbox, that let them get ahead of the game 

In the interactive documentary MADE TO MEASURE the question is asked: Can we completely reconstruct a doppelganger of someone based entirely on their search history? The answer is surprisingly accurate: yes. During these intense minutes with the young award-winning team, we will look at how this multiverse style storytelling universe penetrate the topic in ways, that float right into the heart of a core challenge for Young Humans and present them – and us – for a toolbox, that let them get ahead of the game. 

Laokoon’s newest groundbreaking interactive documentary asks the question: Can we completely reconstruct a doppelganger of someone based entirely on their google data.The answer is yes. Using over 100,000 data points over a 5-year trajectory, this fascinating techno-social experiment demonstrates how young minds give up their intimate selves to the internet. The award-winning group of digital artists will present their working practice of combining theater, tech and documentary film to highlight the tensions at the heart of young people’s online and real-life identities. 

Terrasse Cosima, filmmaker & Producer, Laokoon, FR & Moritz Riesewieck, Director, Laokoon, DE 

Moritz Riesewieck, Cosima Terrasse, Hans Block (not present) have been working together under the label Laokoon since 2019. They develop films, theater productions, essays, lecture performances and radio plays. Their work deals with the question of human identity and society in the digital era. Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck created their debut film `The Cleaners’ about the shadow industry of digital censorship in Manila. The feature film celebrated its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. It was nominated for an Emmy and the German Television Award, including the „Prix Europa” and the Grimme Audience Award 2019.