REALYOUNG Workshop 2023

m:brane has dedicated its work to become a Greenhouse of development, experiment and opportunity for the network of progressive Producers and Decision Makers forcefully bringing innovative, artistic content with an edge to life for sophisticated, intelligent and savvy young audiences. Since 2015 the m:brane initiative REALYOUNG© for Documentaries, has grown stronger and stronger and is now a weighty part of the international Youth Documentary scene.

m:brane’s REALYOUNG© is a well designed development scheme, which – in tune with the overall vision of m:brane – bring documentary producers in close dialogue with funders, distributors and a board of youth experts, to strengthen their quest for creating daring, edgy and contemporary projects for the international market.

m:brane’s REALYOUNG© is in collaboration with Paradiddle Pictures, that is offering documentary training, guidance, content and partnership, based in Copenhagen, DK and IDFA – the world’s biggest documentary film festival, Amsterdam, NL

Head Tutor

Ove Rishøj Jensen, Consultant, Paradiddle Pictures, DK

Youth Experts

Agnes R. Pedersen, Denmark 

David Nyed, Sweden

Josefine B. Olsen, Denmark

Morgan Noberg, Sweden


Ulla Hæstrup, Expert, Freelance, Denmark

Jenni Tuovinen, Senior Producer, Idfa’s Markets, the Netherlands

Charlotte Madsen, Commissioning Editor/Documentary, SVT, Sweden

Kezme Margrie, Commissioning Editor, Cildren’s BBC, United Kingdom


Imaginary Youth, Romania – REALYOUNG Pitch

Elena Martin, Producer & Ruxandra Gubernat, Director, MANIFEST FILM

With Grace, Norway/Kenya – REALYOUNG Pitch

Natalya Sarch, Producer & Julia Dahr, Director & Dinah Muthama, Co-director, Differ Media

Animal Tails, Norway – REALYOUNG Development

Lillian Løvseth, Producer, Nora Nivedita Tvedt, Director, Smallville Films

Finding Home, France, Bulgaria, US – REALYOUNG Development

Manon Messiant, Producer, Iliade et Films & Maria Stanisheva, Director / Producer, Animasocs

Government of Children, Romania – REALYOUNG Development

Ioana Michie, Director, Studioset