REALYOUNG© no. 10 Workshop 2024

REALYOUNG© 10th Anniversary

We are celebrating bigtime!

m:brane will during the forum days 2024 celebrate REALYOUNG© on it’s 10th Anniversary as our Documentary Greenhouse – hub for development, experimentation and opportunities for progressive Producers.

The mission of the m:brane initiative REALYOUNG© is to passionately breathe life into innovative, artistic non-fiction content with an edge, tailored for sophisticated, intelligent and discerning young audiences.

Since its inception in 2015 – initiated by Creative Director Annette Brejner –REALYOUNG© for Documentaries for youths has not only endured but has become a significant, decisive force for the development, growth and recognition of the international Youth Documentary scene.

What is so uniquely successful at REALYOUNG© is the participation of our Youth Experts who gives smart and insightful responses together with the adult experts and the other producers who are joining the workshop.

A total of 61 projects from 25 countries around the Globe have participated in the workshop scheme during the 10 years:

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Jordan, Chile, Germany, Poland, Egypt, North Macedonia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France, USA, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Kenya.

Engaging a young audience is not only important – it’s absolutely essential at m:brane.

So hurray, hurray, hurray! And huge thank you to all the Youth Experts and Experts and Producers, who have in REALYOUNG© participated during the years.

Including this years selected projects:


  • Animal Tails Feature, Documentary, 9-12 Years, Norway,
  • Bugboy Feature, Documentary, 10-14 Years, Greece


  •  Patterns of Being Feature/Live-action, Documentary, 14-18 Years, Poland
  •  Man With His Daughters- 6000 km on Bicycle Feature/ Live-action, Documentary, 9-18 Years, Sweden
  •  Period. Documentary/ Animation, 9-13 Years, Sweden,
  •  Little Big Ones TV-series, Documentary/Animation, 8-12 Years, Czech Republic
  •  We Keep them in our Hearts TV-series, Documentary/Family, 6-18 Years, Norway

The REALYOUNG© WORKSHOP will as always offer professional guidance from Head Tutor Ove Rishøj Jensen, Paradiddle Pictures, DK. Ove is joined by
Outi Rousu, Producer Pystymetsä Oy Helsinki (former at AVEK Finland)
Maria Stevnbak Westergren, Producer, Toolbox Copenhagen, DK
Rep. from IDFA Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, NL
Lennart Ström, Managing Director, m:brane, SE

Youth Experts:
David Nyed, Student, 18 years Malmö, SE
Ella Howard, Student 14 years Malmö, SE
Morgan Norberg, Student 17 years Malmö, SE

REALYOUNG© WORKSHOP takes place (for the first time over two days): Monday March 11th and Tuesday March 12th in Malmö. The pitching projects will pitch during one of the pitching days, followed by a festive celebration with birthday cake for all m:brane’s participants

m:brane’s 10th Anniversary REALYOUNG© Monday March 11th + Tuesday March 12th
Location: Form/Design Center, Lilla Torg 9, Malmö, Sweden