The Opening Industry Day 2023:

m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe
Malmö City Hall, March 14th

Different ways to produce science-based content and on how we need to adapt our working methods together with the new generation – for a new generation.

m:brane’s ambition is to create a strong link between smart content creatives and the needs spun out of the science community’s obligation to conclude public outreach. Through the 2023 keynote, by Niels Righolt, CEO at The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture, and three inspiring case studies, we will investigate distinctly different ways to produce engaging science-based content. And we will ask questions on how we need to adapt our working methods together with the new generation – for a new generation. The programme of m:brane Learning 2023 will be concluded with an Open Resource Workshop – Panel Session.

Keynote – “Space for Failure, Space for Tests”  

Speaker: Niels Righolt, CEO, The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture, DK

With his vast experience working with interculture, audience development and cultural democracy, Niels Righolt has often worked with the question on how to reach a wider youth audience. In his presentation, Niels will touch on the necessity of having a nuanced and leveled approach to working with young people, both as co-creators and as recipients. Based on experiences from collaborations with cultural institutions throughout the Nordics and in Europe with a focus on young people, Niels will address some of the dilemmas that arise and the opportunities that lie in working with young people. Especially when it comes to all co-stuff; the co-creation, co-curation, collaboration and why not, real opportunity to influence content production and aesthetics.

Niels Righolt has since 2011 worked as the CEO at The Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture (CKI). CKI is a knowledge, competence and communication center for international culture, cultural diversity and audience engagement and development working within Denmark, the Nordics and Europe. Furthermore, Niels has gathered an extensive amount of experience sitting in positions such Artistic and Managing Director, Producer, Head of Information and Political Advisor within a variety of cultural institutions, public bodies and organizations. Session Producer: Ann Bergström

CASE 1: WTF is that?

Speaker: Maria Jarjis, Science Influencer YouTube: WTF er det? DK

We invite you into Maria Jarjis WTF world, exploring her work with her highly successful YouTube Channel: WTF er det? With more than 23 million views it’s clear that her approach has made a lot of viewers ask themselves ”WTF is that?” and now we ask the same question.

In this case study Maria will present her philosophy on how to create content for a young audience in collaboration with science-based institutions – and through this enlighten us on what is possible, when working across sectors.

For some, traditional ways of learning don’t always cut it and Maria’s success is a testimonial thereof. In 2016 she joined YouTube and started to produce her own lessons, sweetening the pill of the knowledge with light-hearted entertainment and the aim to motivate children and teenagers’ interest in STEM (=Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). Today Maria is a full-time youtuber and influencer, she has managed to build a community for her and her viewers and with her success she has worked with brands such as Netflix and ESA (European Space Agency) amongst others.

CASE 2: Sagarmatha Next and IVAR Studios

Speaker: Fredrik Edström, Founder & Producer

IVAR Studios, SE

In 2021 IVAR Studios was selected to pitch their VR project Everything You Need To Know at m:brane and the interest from our participants was immense. This year we have invited co-founder and producer Fredrik Edström to offer us insight on how IVAR studios work together with non-profit Sagarmatha Next to create social impact through immersive storytelling.

Non-profit Sagarmatha Next is a sustainability center and museum working with creating value from waste in the Sagarmatha National Park of Nepal, bringing trash out of the Himalayas in the region around Mount Everest. IVAR Studios is telling their story.

IVAR Studios specializes in highly interactive storytelling in new formats like VR, AR and 360-video. They have worldwide experience working with both commercial and documentary projects for various organizations, such as National Geo- graphic and several Swedish and International museums.

IVAR Studios has been involved from the start to tell this story, and have created an interactive narrative for the physical museum exhibition, involving a digital experience on touch screen monitors, an introductory film, SoMe content and several Virtual reality experiences. IVAR Studios are now working on bringing the story to digital spaces to allow more visitors to experience this important and compelling story about waste in high altitude environments.

Case 3: Time Travel at Uppåkra

Speaker: Sofia Winge, Science Pedagogue & Archaeologist 

Uppåkra Foundation, SE

Once in a while a cross cultural collaboration seems just too obvious and this is such collaboration. Archaeologist Sofia Winge, is in charge of The Archaeology School at the Uppåkra Foundation, with the mission of mediating Uppåkra, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Northern Europe. She will walk us through how they managed to integrate The Archaeology School in the highly popular game Minecraft, with the project Time travel at Uppåkra.

With this case we will gain insight into how science, gaming and the audience, together can build a knowledge sharing experience that reaches outside the walls of traditional edu- cation, and furthermore Sofia will present future plans for the collaboration.

Sofia has together with representatives from I am Progrez and Team Workbench launched Time Travel at Uppåkra. The collaboration has made it possible for school children across the world to travel back to the Iron age, and take part in the archaeological excavations at Uppåkra, meeting archaeologists and scientists that exist in real life, finding objects based on authentic finds.

Open Resource Workshop – Panel Session  

Youth Experts: Josefine Bering Olsen & Agnes Rishøj Pedersen, DK 

For 2023 we conclude our m:brane Learning programme within our Open Resource concept – a method, developed by Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner of working with youth experts to gain knowledge from the audience we are trying to reach. The aim is to broaden our understanding of how young people engage with scientific content and storytelling outside the educational system, to investigate various kinds of formats in how to tell engaging stories.  

We invite you to the panel session with youth experts Josefine Bering Olsen and Agnes Pedersen. Together with speakers Niels Righolt, Maria Jarijs, Fredrik Edström and Sofia Winge, they discuss the cases presented and deepen our knowledge on how to create and reach a young audience, in a trustworthy way. 

Session Producer: Ann Bergström.