Welcome to m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe

Spearheaded by Senior Creative Advisor, founder of m:brane Annette Brejner, the forum extended its vision in 2022 with the new section of the forum: m:brane Learning – The Non Didactic Universe. This new addition will serve as the Forum’s oxygen tank.

m:brane Learning will work within a lab structure, where the forum will be able to play, experiment, re-invent itself and develop new directions for engaging content for media savvy, sophisticated wider audiences.


We are surrounded by gaps: gaps in information, canyons in culture, blurred space in between what is and what isn’t. This exciting new strand brings together a specifically chosen collection of stories and thinkers who represent new dimen- sions in contemplation about our place in the world and how we can collectively address the challenges facing us. We ask ourselves what it means to be re-wired in a positive way, to re-tool towards humanistic values.

The Science Community is obliged to share their research, knowledge and findings via so called Science- or Public Out- reach or sometimes even called the third task. The third task is the task of institutions of higher learning to share know- ledge with the public, in addition to their first two main tasks, education and research.

Science/Public outreach is an umbrella term for a variety of activities by research institutes, universities and institutions, as for example science museums, aimed at promoting public awareness (and understanding) of science and making infor- mal contributions to science education. This part of the science community’s obligations is largely underserved and the outcome correspondingly lean. It has to be done with very limited access to funding, knowhow, network and audience/segment insight. Which in turn creates a risk that the information does not reach nor engage the public.

As we focus on Young Audiences, those who will inherit and take over the Society we have created, the loss of knowledge transfer can in the worst-case scenario, cause damage.

m:brane’s ambition is to create a strong link between smart content creatives and the needs spun out of the science com- munity’s obligation to conduct this public outreach. In turn we strive to link up to a hungry young audience, who more than ever needs to be served intellectually challenging anti- dotes to the maelstrom of fake news and twisted propaganda twined from internet bots and tweaked algorithms.

Two underserved sectors can collaborate to empower each other for the benefit of young audiences:

With m:brane Learning – the Non Didactic Universe

– we strengthen our platform, which comes with a strong history of a non-didactic approach. In fact: We have built the network surrounding m:brane.

m:brane has dedicated its work to become a Greenhouse of development, experiment and opportunity for the network of progressive Producers and DecisionMakers forcefully bringing innovative, artistic content with an edge to life for sophisticated, intelligent and savvy young audiences. We work with a non-didactic approach in everything we do, since to engage a sophisticated audience as is the young generations, we must make sure to provide attractive, stimulating, challenging and extremely well-crafted productions – or they will find their content elsewhere.

 Producers of content for young audiences are geared towards creating content that engage this target group – and those parts of our network, equally strong in fighting for financing strategies, that allow for independent productions with high artistic ambitions. However they also need new paths to financing, technology, distribution and inspiring insight about how the world functions to be able to continuously infuse the constant stream of media content they are born to deliver.

Today it seems pertinent to merge these two sectors in the overall aim to facilitate a constructive meeting platform, adjacent to the annual m:brane Forum in Malmö in March. We organize a well designed set-up between the latest science research and scientists looking for expertise in storytelling and pair them up with story experts/producers/financing/ distribution channels, which we have a proven track record of methods to make happen.

We also do this to re-energize ourselves in order to keep the position as the frontrunner hub for high-end content and mixed technology for young and future audiences.

This reflects well the overall aim of m:brane Forum. Further it rhymes strongly with the visions of the m:brane Learning initiative. We hereby start the process of molding a tool, strategy or model that can be used across sectors to help achieve this goal and through this identify where the challenges lie and what solutions these could have.

But first we need to build a relationship with the science community – as well as ensure that they are instructed in appropriate ways to make successful, innovative, and reliable outcomes of a liaison with the media industry. We also need to broaden our own understanding of this vast field and realize the implications ahead, in order for us to become a lead of this development.

Welcome to join us from the onset!

Annette Brejner, March 2023

In a number of ways, scattered throughout the program for m:brane 2023, m:brane Learning will be reflected and add substance to the vision. The Opening Industry Day conference looks through this prism via a keynote, case- studies and an Open Resource Workshop – a panel discussion including Youth Experts. A Think Tank takes place on Wednesday and as well 13 of the projects selected for m:brane this year, does in one or more ways further highlight this aspect.