10-12 March 2020


Canada In Focus

Country in Focus 2020: CANADA


In 2018 we started the initiative Country in Focus to raise further awareness of the opportunities of co-producing and knowledge share in different countries and regions, we for the 3rd time direct the spotlight towards a specific country. This time it will be Canada - the first country outside Europe to become M:brane Country of Focus.

2020s Focus on Canada! An innovative country Canada rank among the leaders of digital creation and virtual reality. Creators, government representatives, and support funds are all coming up with more and more exciting initiatives and proposals.

M:brane’s Canada Focus has graciously received support from: Shaw Rocket Fund, Canadian Embassy to Sweden, Danish Film Institute and Region Skåne.

Below you can se see where you throughout M:brane March 10-12 can meet, network and get inspired from our Canadian guests.

Country in Focus


2018 - The Netherlands in collaboration with Netherlands Film Fond

2019 - Finland in collaboration with AVEK and the Finnish Film Foundation

2020 - Canada in collaboration with Shaw Rocket Fund, Canadian Embassy to Sweden, Danish Film Institute and Region Skåne

March 10th Canada at the Opening Industry Day conference

Canada in Focus within the scope of VR & Domes featuring three top speaker profiles, giving in depth presentations of the ambitious Canadian XR approach and examples of successful projects and inspiration about its future objectives.

Speaker: Louis-Richard Tremblay / National Film Board / Canada

Executive Producer of the NFB’s Montreal-based French Digital Studio, Tremblay oversees a team of digital production specialists whose work supports roughly one hundred artists and some 20 projects annually in different stages of development, right up to the moment when they’re released to the public. Louis-Richard Tremblay works on projects that combine editorial content, cutting-edge design, technologies and social platforms, where interactivity supports the creation of experiential and narrative universes exploring phenomena that transform individuals and society. He mentored countless creators and producers on projects large and small and regularly gives conferences and master class in Universities and Festivals. He is driven by the thrill of working with teams of creators who join forces to push the limits of their craft.


Speaker: Coline Delbaere / Phi Centre / Quebec / Canada

Coline is producer at the Phi Centre in Montreal. Dedicated to art in all its forms, Phi is a multidisciplinary arts and culture organization that through eclectic programming and a strong emphasis on content creation, fosters unexpected encounters between artists and audiences. Musical performances, film screenings, interactive exhibitions, guest-curated installations, artist talks, master classes and multidisciplinary mixes showcase an eclectic range of experiences. These many avenues of creative choice bring spontaneity to our unique and engaging programming, which is in constant evolution. Aesthetics vary, yet featured artists are bold, provocative and authentic – whether their vibe is edgy, surprising, passionate or delightfully absurd.

Speaker: Hugues Bruyère / Chief of Innovation / Quebec / Canada


Hugues Bruyère is Chief of Innovation at Dpt., an interactive storytelling and immersive experience studio at the intersection of film and gaming, art and code, design and research. He is responsible for research and development at the studio, and uses his expertise for award winning, rich, immersive experiences for brands, museums, education and the entertainment industry. His projects have been presented internationally, including at the Biennale of Venice (IT), FILE (BR) and IDFA Doclab (NL).


Session producer: Audrey Pacart / Quebec / Canada


This session is produced for M:brane by Audrey Pacart from Montreal. Audrey is Executive producer and consultant in immersive content (VR, AR,XR), facilitator for numerous VR and digital workshops and conferences. Consultant in multiplatform writing, business development, and VR distribution. Specialist in digital strategies. She is experienced in best practices in cinema, TV, from preproduction and scriptwriting through delivery. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from Université Paris-Sorbonne.



Canada Focus: Case study and the wonders of a collaboration treaty


In this session we will look at how we can collaborate with Canada and speaker Mikkel Thomassen from Danish Film Institute will talk about how the treaty between Canada and Denmark works. He will be joined by producer Trine Laier will talk about how her project Mouse & CRANE (pitched at the Forum last year) came to life with Canada as co-production Country.


M:brane is proud to host a meet-up between Danish and Canadian producers under the incentive of the treaty between Danish Film Institute and Canada Media Fund.

This incentive supports co-development of new innovative digital content, that is exploring new ways of telling stories and experiments with new formats, new platforms and new ways of engaging audiences.

March 11th Canada during pitch day 1
Canada host networking lunch



M:branes largest networking lunch, Wednesday March 11th is this year co-hosted by Shaw Rocket Fund. Meet President & CEO Agnes Augustin as host and don’t miss her presentation in conjunction with the Canadian Pitch slot.

Canada pitches


Big World, Rotating Planet Productions, Producer Ari A. Cohen, Canada / Series for 6-99 yrs

An insightful, fun, and touching series about kids, for kids. Journeying across all four corners of the globe, we meet a diverse array of characters and reveal some different notions of childhood that exist throughout the world. Whether it's climbing a tree to retrieve a juicy snack, working hard to help prepare a family meal, or travelling through nature with a new friend, the life of a young teen is full of challenges and inspiration.

Galapagos X, Big Bad Boo, Producer Aly Jetha, Canada/ Multiplatform for 6-11 yrs

11 minute adventure-comedy cartoons for kids 6-9
With the natural world in peril, four fearless kids take action, one eco-adventure at a time.
A team of highly skilled kids with connections to the forces of the earth - water, wind, sun and plant life - take on global eco-emergencies with high flying humour. Their goal: opening minds, making change, and keeping the planet healthy and fun-filled.

Twice Upon a Time, To Blink Animation, Producer Andrijana Sofranic Sucur, RS in coproduction with Canada/ Film for 7-10 yrs

Nine year old Princess Nika is a young, rebellious, distrustful princes who thinks the world is turning around her. She would like to spend more time with her father, but he is always busy. Her father, Poet King, is always busy trying to defeat his archenemy Warrior King. Nika sets on a journey to help him fight this annoying battle. The only problem is that these two kings... are actually one man.

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