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Tuesday March 10 

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The Opening Industry Day 2020

Opening Cocktail Mingle at Folk, Mat & Möten

Wednesday March 11

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Thursday March 12

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End of M:brane 2020


Part I: ”One Film can’t have it all!” - Innovative Approaches in the Exhibition Landscape

For the 10th time KIDS Regio is thrilled to co-host The Opening Industry Day as the Opening Industry Hub of the M:brane Forum. Inspired by the results of the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum, held in June of 2019, in Weimar and the ongoing public debate, the year 2020 will be devoted to the overall question of how European film can attract new audiences.

At the Opening Industry Day on March 10th we open up the topic from theatrical distribution to a multitude of different approaches in the exhibition landscape.

At a panel discussion 5 panellists confer over the hypothesis that it’s impossible for one film to be successful on all exploitation channels.

Each of panellist represents a different part of the value chain as well as various countries. With the help of selected best and worst cases, different strategies and success models are discussed.


Alfred Sesma (ES) / Sales and acquisitions manager at Pack Màgic

Maciej Jakubczyk (PL) / Director of the educational department, Head of Kids Kino International Film Festival and the Kids Kino Industry Forum New Horizons Association

Nicole Kellerhals (DE) / Producer and lecturer Dramaturge at X-Filme Creative Pool

Wendy Bernfeld (NL) / Streaming Expert CEO of Rights Stuff in Amsterdam

Moderator: Paul Tyler

Paul has moderated several times at the Forum. He elegantly wears many hats and is widely recognized for innovative coaching via the now famous Lego-Method, he invented. He co-designed the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s Digital Concept Development graduate programme in 2010 that focused on communication, commerce and marketing.

Part II: Canada in Focus

Canada in Focus:  Within the scope of VR & Dome production

In our second block, we kick of our focus on Canada with a meaty session produced for M:brane by Audrey Pacart from Montreal and in collaboration with Region Skåne. An innovative country Canada rank among the leaders of digital creation and virtual reality. Creators, government representatives, and support funds are all coming up with more and more exciting initiatives and proposals. Within the scope of VR & Dome production, we get in depth presentations of the ambitious Canadian approach and examples of successful projects and learn about its future objectives.
Canada Focus: Case study and the wonders of a collaboration treaty
In this block we will look at how we can collaborate with Canada and speakers from Danish Film Institute will talk about how the treaty between Canada and Denmark works. Also producer Trine Laier will talk about how her project Mouse & CRANE (pitched at the Forum last year) came to life with Canada as co-production Country.


Here are in depth details about all inspiring Canadian speakers, slots, hosts and pitches 

Country in forcus


2018 - The Netherlands in collaboration with Netherlands Film Fond

2019 - Finland in collaboration with AVEK and the Finnish Film Foundation

2020 - Canada in collaboration with Embassy of Canada and Shaw Rocket Fund

Part III:Three striking Storytelling strokes in current content creation for young audiences

Our final block we will look into how to create interesting IP's for kids and whether it is possible to create documentaries for Snapchat, rounding up the whole day with a look at humour in kid's content:


Our final block we will look into how to create interesting IP's for kids and whether it is possible to create documentaries for Snapchat, rounding up the whole day with a look at humour in kid's content:


How to create an Interesting IP for Children! 

Learn from the founders of Danish Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction

Speakers: Elin Algreen-Petersen, DK + Dennis Glintborg, Denmark                   

How does one create an interesting IP for children?

When you take a look at children's entertainment it becomes clear that the market is dominated by international brands. Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and PJ Masks extend across bestseller lists and streaming services, consequently, national productions have lost their ground. What is the secret behind these popular gigabrands? How does one succeed on multiple platforms? And what creative ressources does it take to create an original and appealing IP for children?

Based on our teaching at Cross Media School of Children's Fiction we will discuss what makes quality in fiction for children and youth. We will present some of the best examples of IP's that combine direct appeal with the uniqueness, which has been characteristic for Nordic Storytelling over the past 50 years.


Elin Algreen-Petersen, Denmark


 Dennis Glintborg, Denmark

Ultrashort format: Documentary storytelling for Snapchat – a case-study

Speaker: Alexandre Brachet, France is the founder and CEO of Upian. one of the world's major players in the area of web documentary and the intersection of documentary cinema and digital storytelling.

Alexandre Brachet is the founder and CEO of Upian. Founded in 1998 as both a digital design studio and an interactive production company, Upian has become one of the world's major players in the area of web documentary and the intersection of documentary cinema and digital storytelling. The company has produced among others: Thanatorama (2007), Gaza-Sderot (2008), Prison Valley (2010), Alma, a tale of violence (2012), Do Not Track (2015), How to Make a Ken Loach Film (2016), Generation What (2013-2019) or Earn a living (2018).

Talk / Case Study

Since 2019, ARTE (French / German public broadcaster) has offered Snapchat users a weekly program. It is called FAQ and is produced by Upian. FAQ deals with subjects like the environment, feminism, and culture. It targets an audience of young teenagers and young adults (aged 13-24).

A few examples of FAQ's questions: Should we save the pandas? Why rappers are the kings of the stream? Do we need ecology teachers at school? Can we do without new clothes? Should we disobey? Are the periods too expensive? Who are the new witches? Will we live someday elsewhere than on Earth?

Creation, production, audiences, Alexandre Brachet the producer of the show delivers a case study to understand how we build this type of program.


Alexandre Brachet, France

Humour and Box-Office – an inspirational talk

Speaker: Dr. André F. Nebe (Dipl. jur.) , Head of participatory and interactive storytelling Regionalization 4.0, Germany.
André is a Movie-maker, scientist and lecturer and has recently published a book on his PhD Thesis on humour in successful kids films.

Dr. André F. Nebe - CV

After completing his law studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin, specializing in copyright and media law, he studied film directing at the University of Hamburg under Hark Bohm and has been working as a freelance director, author and producer in the film and television industry since 2004. In addition to various cinema film projects funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the FFA and the Thuringian State Chancellery, he has worked for German broadcaster ZDF / Löwenzahn and the SWR.

His international cinema debut as director, "The Race" with Colm Meaney and Susan Lynch in the leading roles, was released in 2009. He published two kid’s novel serials (The Gostriders and Wolves of the Coast) in 2012 and 2018 with ongoing episodes.

As a lecturer, he worked at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, at the DEKRA Media University in Berlin, at the FH Darmstadt, for the German Film Institute Frankfurt / Main and the German Media School (DMA).

Since 2010 he has been working at the film university on his dissertation on the subject of "Humor in children's films - Structures of a filmic medium in high-traffic German children's films". His dissertation on Humour in kid’s films was published by Springer in 2019. Since 2018 he works as Head of participatory and interactive storytelling at the Filmuniversity Potsdam-Babelsberg.

Dr. André F. Nebe (Dipl. jur.) Germany


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