10-12 March 2020 D-48



Country in Focus 2020: CANADA


In 2018 we started the initiative Country in Focus to raise further awareness of the opportunities of co-producing and knowledge share in different countries and regions, we for the 3rd time direct the spotlight towards a specific country.

This time it will be Canada - the first country outside Europe to become M:brane Country of Focus. Currently Canada is very active in developing technologies and immersive content also for Domes. With an esteemed tradition of public funding available, the Canadian Media Industry provide an environment, that fosters innovation and cross collaboration – the result is inspiring and resonates well with the profile of what the network of M:brane aims to achieve.

We will invite producers and decision makers and present various speakers and case-studies and of course include a specific section within the Pitching Events, with bold, artistic projects derived from producers active within the vast North of the American Continent. We look much forward to greet Canadian Professionals warm welcome to Malmö and to our Network.

Country in Focus

2018 - The Netherlands in collaboration with Netherlands Film Fond

2019 - Finland in collaboration with AVEK and the Finnish Film Foundation

2020 - Canada

The programme for M:brane 2020 is yet to be finalized, but we will keep you updated!
Tuesday March 10 

RealYoung Workshop / by pre-registration only

Accreditation desk at Folk, Mat & Möten Opens at 12:00

The Opening Industry Day 2020

Opening Cocktail Mingle at Folk, Mat & Möten

Wednesday March 11

Producers Breakfast

Pitching Event 1

Networking Lunch 1 

One to One meetings

M:brane Dinner


Thursday March 12

Pitching Event 2

Networking Lunch 2

One to One meetings


End of M:brane 2020



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