10-12 March 2020 D-171




The whole 2019 programme, all slots, all 3 days, takes place at: Folk, Mat & Möten

Olof Palmes Plats 1, 214 44 Malmö

Tuesday March 12 

09:00-13:00 RealYoung Workshop 5th Anniversary / by pre-registration only

Accreditation desk at Folk, Mat & Möten Opens at 12:00

The Opening Industry Day 2019 in collaboration with KIDS Regio starts at 13:00

13:00 Participatory Design Track, facilitated by Inga Von Staden

Opening Keynotes

14:30 -18:45 Parallel Track: Immersive & Digital Factual

14:30 -18:45 Co-creation with Young Experts Work-Shop /by invitation only

19:00-20:30 Opening Cocktail Mingle at Folk, Mat & Môten with a nice welcome from ECFA


Wednesday March 13

Producers Breakfast

Pitching Event 1

Networking Lunch 1 hosted by The Finnish Film Foundation

One to One meetings

20:00 M:brane Dinner, at Malmö Town Hall hosted by City of Malmö Pre-registration required








Thursday March 14

Pitching Event 2

Networking Lunch 2

One to One meetings


End of M:brane 2019









Country in Focus: FINLAND!

In 2018 we for the first time, had a special Country in Focus. This idea is to raise further awareness of the opportunities in different countries and regions.

During the three days of M:brane 2019 we are now excited to be able to present a specific Focus on Finland in collaboration with AVEK and Finnish Film Foundation.

Finland has a long tradition in telling quirky and strong stories at eye-level with children, with a specific Nordic humour and not shying away either from the darker side of life. Furthermore our Nordic Neighbors are currently very active in developing innovative content and to take chances – resulting in projects, that gets lots of tracking within the intended target group.

Here you can meet the Finnish Delegation:

A strong support from the start, Outi Rouso, AVEK has been inspiring expert at all RealYoung editions and as a Decision Maker present during the M:brane even longer. Recent years, AVEK has also contributed financially to RealYoung.

During the inspirational slots on the Opening Day, Marts 12th you can meet the team behind LYFTA, when they present their new awardwinning platform, that “Teach Global Citizenship with Immersive Human Stories”.

The same afternoon, as a brand new facet of M:brane, we highlight a case of Immersive Experiences outside our own sphere, when curator at Amos Rex in Helsinki, Itha O'Neill presents the museums' inaugural  exhibition teamLab:Massless, created by Tokyo-based interdisciplinary art collective teamLab ...

How to use transmedia formats, in between games and film, to connect with your young audience!

This is what Asta Wellejus, from Die Asta Experience, the director and producer of the mobile experience Oliva17 will speak about and reveal, what made 20% of the Finnish youth engage with content from YLE, in two online seasons of a new format.

The Finnish Film Foundation, SES will be hosting the networking lunch, Wednesday March 13th

Film Commissioner, Piia Nokelainen from SES is part of M:branes Advisory Board and a regular guest as Decision Maker. Meet her and her colleagues Kari Paljakka and Kaisu Isto from The Finnish Film Foundation and join them, when they bit all of us welcome to the lunch.

We love the fact, that Vicky Schroderus, Acquisition Executive at YLE always is attending M:brane – she is a steady rock for us within the Decision Maker group. And this time will be no different. You have the chance to meet her both at Pitchings and One-to-one meetings as well as during our social networking opportunities.

Three Finnish Projects + a co-production with Finnish Minor are selected for the Pitching Section:

The transmedia project Divine Consultants by Filmimaa Oy

The TV-series drama with cross media: Nerdpark by Five Corners Production

The multiplatform project for the very young: Pikkuli and the Starlight Reindeer by Sun in Eye Productions

The Feature Drama A Girls Room directed by Finnish Aino Suni, produced by French ADASTRA FILMS


Warm welcome to our colleagues from Finland!

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