16-18 March 2021 D-19


Science & Natural History Track

During M:brane 2021 we invite you to a number of slots within our Special Track on Science & Natural History for Young Audiences!
Globally we see an increasing awareness of the coherence between life style, exploitation of natural resources, climate changes and wildlife. This is probably the most urgent field of problems, that children and young people face, widely communicated through mass media and schools today. It may be frightening and overwhelming. By including a SCIENCE & NATURAL HISTORY track aimed at children and young adults for M:brane 2021, we take into account the need for attention regarding the truth of the matter. And not least, to shed light on hope, the possibilities of changing status quo through a wide scope of media product, made at eyelevel with those, they are aimed at
The track consists of an opening keynote and six case-studies. We introduce further projects in development during the Pitching Sections March 17th and 18th which from different angles set focus on our relation to Science, Nature, the Natural World and the Environment.

Science and Natural History Track 2021

Science and Natural History Track March 16th



Moderator: Hussain Currimbhoy, SE

Hussain Currimbhoy is a filmmaker and programmer with 20 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked in the documentary and immersive media fields with Sundance  Film Festival,  Sheffield Doc/Fest, Nordisk Panorama and others.  Hussain has made eight short films, his last documentary played at DOC NYC and  shared  in the Breakthrough Prize to make more films about cutting edge science. He is currently Executive Director of Master Mechanic Films in Sweden, where he is producing a series of several feature length documentary and fiction projects. Hussain is one of the founders of the Programmers of Color Collective, is a board member of Biografilm, Bologna, is a regular guest speaker at film festivals around the world, and runs a blog about astronomy for fun. He is based between Sweden and the United States.




Speaker: Donata von Perfall, Silbersalz' & Documentary Campus' Director, Silbersalz Science & Media Festival in Halle, DE

Silbersalz Science & Media Festival is renowned for it's strong investment in offering Young Audiences a wide range of access points into the world of Science and Science Communication.

The festival section, Passage 13  is an impressive year-round youth program of the Silbersalz festival by and for Youth. In Science Communication, scientific research is taken from the lab and brought to life with the power of film and other relevant media. Storytelling in Science Communication often turns out to be the crucial difference for whether or not the topic and research will inspire the public, promote understanding of science, and engaging publics more deliberatively in science. 

In 2021 Silbersalz in Halle kick off it's brand new program for Young Voices education in Storytelling in Science Communication.

What could therefore be more natural and inspiring for M:brane's participants, than to meet one of the great forces behind this vision of not only engaging Young Audiences through presenting them for  great content, but to educate them hands-on in the play rules of genuine and truthful storytelling in communication of the many science fields, that surrounds us? And maybe they even can give us a hint or two, in what to do and what to not do, when addressing this savvy segment?
Another important aspect of captivating dissemination of scientific research made accessible and attractive for Young People through skillful use of media, is that it can serve as an antidote to the  -more than ever- flooding of fake news and Conspiration theories, that inject poison into public discourse in society.

We are very excited and proud to be able to welcome Donata von Perfall as the Opening Keynote Speaker 2021 of M:brane's Science & Natural History Track, who will go in depth with the vision, the program and introduce us to some of it's young participants.

SECTION 1 - Three Case-studies for 12+ yrs joined by our adult as well as youth experts

  • iShark VR - the Domino Effect

    Speakers: Roy Kimhi,  VR Director & Andy Byatt, Founder & Director, Amberjack Films, UK

    Become a submarine pilot in an interactive VR experience and dive into another dimension to connect with one of the most misunderstood, yet vulnerable, animals on the planet - the shark.
    iShark is an interactive VR journey into the twilight zone where users can connect with hammerhead sharks like never before. This unique experience will use both CGI and real underwater imagery to transport participants into the depths of the sea on an epic oceanic adventure. 

    The experience will be educational and entertaining, allowing viewers to explore the world of sharks as never before. The creative team is seeking to explore new virtual reality storytelling methods that will appeal to young audiences, including the use of senses, level of control, and narrative approach. 

  • Ancestral Secret VR - as technological vehicle for new generations

    Speakers: Maria Jose Diaz, Producer &  Francisca Silva, Creative Director, Galgo Storytelling, CL

    The technology of ancestral knowledge merges with this globalized world's technology, to create a unique virtual encounter between both peoples. Ancestral Secret VR makes young users from the globalized world, to get into the Q'ero dimension. Virtual Reality permits the user to immerse into realities that never imagined to be in. This is a union between "The Eagle" and "Condor"(globalized and ancestral world), to create a dialogue that brings new generations to the evolution of human awareness and the benefit for the Earth.

    This is a technological vehicle for new generations to go to the origins and looking to the future change.

  • Behind Lucy – Documentary about NASA Mission to Jupiter and the team that makes it happen

    Speakers: Alphone Delapuente, Director & Ruth Chao, Producer, Somadrome, ES

    "Behind Lucy" aims to get closer to audiences the "behind the scenes" of a top NASA mission that will eventually reach the Trojan asteroids of Jupiter, not just the huge technological challenge it implies, but the people that make all of this possible and how important is the teamwork in any state-of-the-art scientific project, as if this mission succeed, it will be thanks to the perfectly coordinated work of a huge team of high-skilled scientists, what they like to refer to as "the big Lucy family".

    The storytelling is the process of the mission itself, since the inception 'till the launch of the rocket in October 2021, navigating and exploring all the obstacles (covid included) and challenges that the characters have to overcome.  The narrative structure is constructed as a countdown, as everything depends on the fact that if the team will be able to have the spacecraft ready for a narrow launch window of just twenty-one days.

SECTION 2: Three Case-studies for 6-9 yrs with our adult expert panel 

  • Kids’ Earth - Interactive app/game, which invites to a dialogue about nature, through Kids’ entertainment.

    Speaker: Lillia Schneider, CEO & Producer, CINÉ-LITTÉ Productions, DE

    Kid's content through film, digital projects and transmedia is today one of the strongest channels of communication with young audience and the tool of transmission. The Case Study brings up the strategy of creating entertaining content for children and raise the dialog on the eye-level about natural issues, responsibility, impact of humans on the nature and sustainability. It is probably the most urgent theme of the 21st century to be addressed with children
  • Between Saajve and the Sky - an Animated series of Sami stories for young kids!

    Speaker: Oskar Östergren Njajta, Producer, Bautafilm, SE and vice chair in Sami Film Workers' Association (Sámi Filbmabargiid Séarvi)

    "Between Saajve and the sky" is a project with animated Sámi stories for kids. A concept that indigenous Sámi creator/writer/director Oskar Östergren Njajta felt that he had to develop. The main characters are the young siblings Aanta and Bräjhta and the original stories are inspired by traditional Sámi oral tradition, its mythical creatures and magic invisible realms. In this Case study Östergren Njajta will talk about how the project emerged from an idea (born from frustration) developed into today's concept and the vision for the future. "Between Saajve and the sky" is animated in 2D and a lot of time is spent on "making it right", because the main audience in mind are the Sámi children. Östergren Njajta says that authenticity, inside perspective and love for mother nature are his keywords rather than a calculated assumption of what is sallable. Maybe just because of that, he believes it will be appreciated by an indigenous audience all over the world. The project is produced by Bautafilm in in Sweden, the development and pilot film was supported by ISFI, SVT, SFI, NFI, NNFS, FFN and the Pitch-session at M:brane in 2018 resulted in (among other things) a LOI for cinema release from Folkets Bio in Sweden.
  • AugmentifyIT – an Augmented Reality app and play with STEAM subjects

    Speaker: Ahrani Logan, UK is a TV Producer, Content Creator & Entrepreneur
    CEO & Cofounder Peapodicity

    AugmentifyIt is a multi-award-winning Augmented Reality (AR) brand, designed to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to life, using the power of AR and a Play to Learn approach. Partners with Guinness World Records, AugmentifyIt will be presenting a showcase of work.

    With a 21st Century tech savvy audience, the power of using AR experiences to bring STEAM and learning to life is immense. These subjects are increasingly important to understanding our World, both now, and in the future.

    The potential and benefits of extending kids content and brands, using AR, as part of a multi-platform approach, will also be discussed. 



Donata von Perfall, Silbersalz' & Documentary Campus' Director Director, Silbersalz Science & Media Festival in Halle, DE

Roy Kimhi, VR Director, Amberjack, UK

Andy Byatt, Producer, Creative Director and Founder at Amberjack Films, UK

Maria Jose Diaz, Producer, Galgo Storytelling, CL

Francisca Silva, Creative Director, Galgo Storytelling, CL

Alphonse De la Puente, Co-founder, writer, producer, Somadrome, ES

Ruth Chao, Producer, Somadrome, ES

Lillia Schneider, CEO & Producer, CINÉ-LITTÉ Productions, DE

Oskar Östergren Njajta, Producer, Bautafilm, and vice chair in Sami Film Workers' Association (Sámi Filbmabargiid Séarvi), SE


Ahrani Logan, CEO & Cofounder Peapodicity, UK 

Presentations and pitches highlighting Science and Natural History, March 17th and 18th

  • Mango Magic, Jamaica for 7-11 yrs. "Nature, science and spirituality converge in a story, that I hope touches and transforms young audiences and their families, as it is more important than ever to cultivate our connections with ourselves, each other and nature" says Director, Ina Sotirova. MANGO MAGIC proposes a new vision of human relations that can bring healing to ourselves, our families, societies, and our planet.

  • Makings of a Malignancy, Australia, an immersive, portable pop-up escape room  shows young audiences how cancer occurs in the body and travels throughout. The project also features Cancer ARt Gallery using Augmented Reality and MalignancyVR is an immersive virtual reality game exploring themes around cancer prevention and treatment. The project is created by Dr Ken Dutton-Regester, who is an active cancer researcher who founded Excite Science in August 2019.

  • The Garden, Sweden, is an mysterious adventure where contrasting forces are intertwined & where the children need to interact with each other and the characters they encounter. We welcome you to this enigmatic underworld that’s affecting our common future. Directors Nils Peder Holm & Karin Johansson-Mex says: "The VR production is a filmed drama about guts, conflicting forces & how to make joint choices. With digital technology, we can radically expand the boundaries of traditional performing Arts. The Garden VR, invites the audience to a journey where nothing is predictable".

  • Tree & Bee, Croatia, is a fun and vibrant watercolor animation series (26 x 7min) that follows everyday adventures of thy mighty and inseparable duo Bee, little bee and Tree, young oak tree while introducing pre-school kids, in a playful and friendly way, to the ecology themes. The series promotes the idea of environmental preservation, conservation of nature and explains why it is important to save the planet. 

  • Dr Butterfly’s Kids, Poland, Producer Ewa Konopko says: “Dr. Butterfly’s Kids combines a gripping story about the protection of rare butterflies with a touch of magic and a moving tale about repairing Jan's relationship with his dad. In new tech times it’s desirable that a touching, amusing, and well told story with charismatic heroes remind us of nature and loved ones we often neglect.”

  • iNanny, Lithuania, On the verge of a divorce, alienated family of four decides to “hire” robot iNanny, but when things go terribly wrong, they need to learn how to lean on to each other in order to save their family and the world. "Our cross-media marketing will be based on an integrative approach, with big focus on young audience platforms and integration into content, e.g. TikTok, YouTube."



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