11-18 March 2021


Science & Natural History Track

During M:brane 2021 we invite you to a number of slots within our Special Track on Science & Natural History for Young Audiences!
Globally we see an increasing awareness of the coherence between life style, exploitation of natural resources, climate changes and wildlife. This is probably the most urgent field of problems, that children and young people face, widely communicated through mass media and schools today. It may be frightening and overwhelming. By including a SCIENCE & NATURAL HISTORY track aimed at children and young adults for M:brane 2021, we take into account the need for attention regarding the truth of the matter. And not least, to shed light on hope, the possibilities of changing status quo through a wide scope of media product, made at eyelevel with those, they are aimed at
The track consists of an opening keynote and six case-studies. We introduce further projects in development during the Pitching Sections March 17th and 18th which from different angles set focus on our relation to Science, Nature, the Natural World and the Environment.

Science and Natural History Track March 16th

Our Science and Natural History track 2021 consists of an opening keynote and six case-studies, which will present live on-line and receive feed-back from Experts and Youth Experts on March 16th. It's all kept together in a high spirit by Moderator, Hussain Currimbhoy, SwedenWe also introduce 13 projects in development -that one way or another relate- to Science, to our relation to the Natural World and to Natural History: They will all be presented during the Pitching Sections March 17th and 18th

To widen the discussions and deepen our comprehension of each case-study, we are joined by a group of experts and youth experts, who together cover a diverse range of angles.

We welcome you to have a look at this years case-studies here

12.30 Welcome by Hussain Currimbhoy, Moderator

12.35 Keynote, Donata von Perfall, Silbersalz' & Documentary Campus' Director

13.05 Case studies - section I, joined by Youth Experts and Experts

14.55 Case studies - section II, joined by Experts

16.40 End of Science and Natural History Track 2021

We will have breaks through out the whole programme


Moderator: Hussain Currimbhoy, SE

Hussain Currimbhoy is a filmmaker and programmer with 20 years of experience in the film industry. He has worked in the documentary and immersive media fields with Sundance  Film Festival,  Sheffield Doc/Fest, Nordisk Panorama and others.  Hussain has made eight short films, his last documentary played at DOC NYC and  shared  in the Breakthrough Prize to make more films about cutting edge science. He is currently Executive Director of Master Mechanic Films in Sweden, where he is producing a series of several feature length documentary and fiction projects. Hussain is one of the founders of the Programmers of Color Collective, is a board member of Biografilm, Bologna, is a regular guest speaker at film festivals around the world, and runs a blog about astronomy for fun. He is based between Sweden and the United States.


Keynote Tuesday March 16th

    12.35 - 13.00, Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Donata von Perfall, Silbersalz' & Documentary Campus' Director, Silbersalz Science & Media Festival in Halle, DE

We are very excited and proud to be able to welcome Donata von Perfall as the Opening Keynote Speaker 2021of M:brane's latest venture, the Science & Natural History Track.

Silbersalz Science & Media Festival (15-19 September 2021) with science communication at its core, gathers the science community, the international media industry and the public, through films, performing arts, conferences, art installations and public lectures, promoting creative synergies for public engagement with science. It is also renowned for its strong investment in offering Young Audiences a wide range of access points into the world of Science and Science Communication. Along with festival sections specifically catering young audiences, the Passage 13 offers an impressive year-round & free youth program by and for Youth.

Donata von Perfall will not only focus on Passage 13 activities, but as a whole youth work including the public program, young researchers and industry related activities, and will share some experiences/experiments they are conducting, and learnings that have been accumulated on that front.

Donata von Perfall studied Post-War and Contemporary Arts (MA) and has worked in film production in London, New York and Munich. Since 2001, she has worked for Documentary Campus and has played an essential role in the development of this internationally renowned training initiative. Since she took over the directorship of Documentary Campus in 2004, she has continually expanded and developed its training offers. Documentary filmmakers from all over the world continue to benefit each year from the international networking and training offers of the Documentary Campus network. Documentary Campus's current focus lies in Europe, North Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Youth Experts 


Agnes Pedersen Rishøj, Denmark, 13

Maya Starup Vernier, Denmark, 15

Petter Åkerberg, Sweden, 15

David Nyed, Sweden, 15


Neal Hartman

Director / Cineglobe Film Festival at CERN, Switzerland

With a mechanical engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Neal worked as an engineer at CERN, the European Laboratory for High Energy Physics, for 18 years. He has been actively involved in science/art outreach since 2007, and co-founded CineGlobe, the International Film Festival at CERN, showcasing films of all types inspired by science and technology. He was director of production for TEDxCERN for five Editions, and worked as a local producer for TED Global>Geneva.
Chairman of the World VR Forum in 2017, Neal has organised multiple events in virtual reality, and conducted a year of research into virtual reality at the Swiss Polytechnic University in Lausanne (EPFL). With degrees in both engineering and film directing, his passions are equally shared between art and science. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Neal is the director of Science Gallery Venice, the Italian node of the worldwide Science Gallery Network. 

Irem Couchouron

Head of Film & Exhibition, SILBERSALZ at Documentary Campus, Germany
In 2018, Documentary Campus and the Robert Bosch Stiftung initiated the SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival based in Halle (Saale), Germany, with the aim to render science accessible to the general public in a clear and vivid fashion through an extensive program of films, talks, exhibitions, a year-round youth program and an industry strand that encourages the dialogue and collaboration between scientists and media professionals hosted at Leopoldina – German National Academy of Sciences. 

Mikkel Thomassen

Producer/Games & Digital Media, The Danish Film Institute, DK

Mikkel is working mainly with the game support scheme, which supports Danish computer games for all ages and platforms. He also has a special focus on cross media projects and new media formats and is regularly advising other support schemes on VR/AR/XR or cross media projects. He is overseeing the Canada-Denmark co-development initiative, which supports the co-development partnerships between Canadian and Danish producers with a focus on innovative digital media projects. Recently he has also been part of the UNIVERSE initiative which supported the development and production of cross media or multi-platform universes for children.


Roy Kimhi, VR Director, Amberjack, UK

Andy Byatt, Producer, Creative Director and Founder at Amberjack Films, UK

Maria Jose Diaz, Producer, Galgo Storytelling, CL

Francisca Silva, Creative Director, Galgo Storytelling, CL

Alphonse De la Puente, Co-founder, writer, producer, Somadrome, ES

Ruth Chao, Producer, Somadrome, ES

Lillia Schneider, CEO & Producer, CINÉ-LITTÉ Productions, DE

Oskar Östergren Njajta, Producer, Bautafilm, and vice chair in Sami Film Workers' Association (Sámi Filbmabargiid Séarvi), SE

Ahrani Logan, CEO & Cofounder Peapodicity, UK 

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