Christian Villum

Tech explorer, digital strategy advisor, and entrepreneur, Spraengfarlig, DK

AI interactive session speaker

Christian Villum is a Copenhagen-based technology expert and open-source advocate, with a focus on digital technology and electronic music. He has a background in maker technology, open data, Internet culture, and hacktivism. Villum has co-founded the Platform4 Art & Technology hub and served as Director of Digital & Future Thinking at the Danish Design Center. Previously, he was the International Community Manager at Open Knowledge Foundation. He is an active proponent of experimenting with technology and cultural practices and has co-founded several entrepreneurial ventures. He co-authored ‘Open Source City’ (2016) and has contributed to a series of technology innovation books. He is a frequent writer, speaker, and moderator, and runs the company Spraengfarlig ApS; a creative  umbrella for a handful of companies in the cultural industry.