If you are a producer without a selected project for pitch at m:brane or you have a project in a state too early for pitching, you can attend as an ObserverPLUS. This offers an invaluable opportunity to network with leading professionals in innovative media content for savvy young audiences. m:brane is an open platform where broadcasters and other DecisionMakers will clearly announce their requests and give advice on how to prepare best for future applications and participation. Furthermore you will be able to participate in m:brane’s high profile conference The Opening Industry Conference.

As an ObserverPLUS you can attend all three days, sign up for workshops, request meetings with DecisionMakers or future co-production partners.

The ObserverPLUS submission is closed.

Note: This is a non-pitch category

For questions or assistance please contact Pitch Producer Cecilie Bolvinkel:

I you wish to attend as an ObserverPLUS, you must submit your project. Please prepare the following for submission:

1 fully completed Project Entry Form:

  • Synopsis: 500 characters
  • Style: 240 characters
  • Cross Media Strategy: 380 characters
  • Director/Producer Statement: 360 characters
  • Director Bio: 310 characters
  • Producer Bio: 310 characters
  • Production Company Profile: 160 characters
  • Goals at m:brane: 200 characters
  • Producer’s e-mail
  • Company’s website
  • Contact person – Name/Surame
  • Adress/ ZIP/ City/ Country
  • Contact person’s e-mail
  • Phone number (+ country code)
  • Target audience
  • Budget summary in EURO- max 1 page – PDF upload
  • Financial structure – max 1 page – PDF upload
  • Stills/visuals
  • Cover Photo

The images you submit must have a resolution fit for printing – at least 300 dpi.

The budget must be in currency of EURO and all documentation MUST be presented in English.

A producer must must be attached to the project submitted. Producers can apply without a director attached.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Submissions in other languages than English will not be accepted. Submissions with budgets in other currencies than EURO will not be accepted.

The ObserverPlus category only has 5 spots available.

If your project  has been selected, note that there is a fee. 

For questions or assistance please contact Pitch Producer Cecilie Bolvinkel: