m:brane Forum is exclusively aimed at content for young audiences age 3-18 years.

As of 2022 it will possible to attend m:brane either online or onsight for our hybrid pitch forum, to create a more inclusive platform for participants.

RealYoung is helping creators bring their real-life stories, documentaries, aimed at younger audiences to the next level. The initiative brings together creators, funders, distributors, publishers and a panel of the target audience – the children. We do not develop documentaries for children and youth, we develop together with them. Join RealYoung to get direct feedback from your target audience, if you dare to hear their direct and honest opinion.

For the RealYoung Development Projects we are looking for ideas that should be independent of any sort of restrictions like budget, format and stage of development.

SUBMISSION IS NOW CLOSED. For questions please contact pitch producer Maritte Sørensen –

What to prepare for your submission

  • Short synopsis describing the idea
  • Initial ideas about visual approach and narrative structures
  • Suggested total budget sum (not the whole budget)
  • Title, director, producer, production company, length, format & production plan/time of delivery
  • Short CV & filmography of company and director
  • Contact details on producer/production company and/or director
  • If available, link to pilot or other visual material representing the project.

Note:  When filling out your submission form, only fill in the information you have, based on the criteria above

The images you submit must have a resolution fit for printing – at least 300 dpi.

The budget must be in currency of EURO and all documentation MUST be presented in English. A maximum of two projects per company can be entered.

A producer must must be attached to the project submitted. Producers can apply without a director attached.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Submissions in other languages than English will not be accepted. Submissions with budgets in other currencies than EURO will not be accepted.

Submitting to m:brane is free of charge. If your project is selected you will be charged a fee.

If the project is selected please be aware that the information you submit will be in our catalogue. Please check your submission for spelling mistakes, incorrect information and other inconsistencies.

For questions or help please contact