m:brane Forum is exclusively aimed at content for young audiences age 3-18 years.


m:brane has dedicated its work to become a Greenhouse of development, experiment and opportunity for the network of progressive Producers and DecisionMakers forcefully bringing innovative, artistic content with an edge to life for sophisticated, intelligent and savvy young audiences. Since 2015 the m:brane initiative REALYOUNG© for Documentaries, has grown stronger and stronger and is now a weighty part of the international Youth Documentary scene.

m:brane’s REALYOUNG© is a well designed development scheme, which – in tune with the overall vision of m:brane – bring documentary producers in close dialogue with funders, distributors and a board of youth experts, to strengthen their quest for creating daring, edgy and contemporary projects for the international market.

m:brane’s REALYOUNG© is in collaboration with Paradiddle Pictures, that is offering documentary training, guidance, content and partnership, based in Copenhagen, DK and IDFA – the world’s biggest documentary film festival, Amsterdam, NL


For questions please contact Managing Director Lennart Ström at

What to prepare for your submission

  • Synopsis: 500 characters
  • Style: 240 characters
  • Cross Media Strategy: 380 characters
  • Director/Producer Statement: 360 characters
  • Director Bio: 310 characters
  • Producer Bio: 310 characters
  • Production Company Profile: 160 characters
  • Goals at m:brane: 200 characters
  • Producer’s e-mail
  • Company’s website
  • Contact person – Name/Surame
  • Adress/ ZIP/ City/ Country
  • Contact person’s e-mail
  • Phone number (+ country code)
  • Target audience
  • Treatment – max 2 pages – PDF upload
  • Budget summary in EURO- max 1 page – PDF upload
  • Financial structure – max 1 page – PDF upload
  • Letters of intent or commitment – PDF upload
  • Stills/visuals
  • Cover Photo
The images you submit must have a resolution fit for printing – at least 300 dpi.

When applying, the project must have finalized at least 10% of the financing. This financing shall be presented with at least a signed ‘Letter of Intent’ from a financier with the granted sums defined.

The budget must be in currency of EURO and all documentation MUST be presented in English. A maximum of two projects per company can be entered.

A producer must must be attached to the project submitted. Producers can apply without a director attached.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Submissions in other languages than English will not be accepted. Submissions with budgets in other currencies than EURO will not be accepted.

Submitting to m:brane is free of charge. If your project is selected you will be charged a fee.

If the project is selected please be aware that the information you submit will be in our catalogue. Please check your submission for spelling mistakes, incorrect information and other inconsistencies.

Upon completion of the project, you must mention that you have pitched the project at m:brane and feature m:brane logo in the credits.

For questions or help please contact Managing Director Lennart Ström: